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Thread: 12/21 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    12/21 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Please keep all discussion of tonight's show in this thread only, until at least 1:00 A.M. ET.

    Thanks, and enjoy the show!

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    I'm very sad that no one is watching. Jamie's delusions alone are worth an hour and a videotape.

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    I finally caught a show.

    The delusional girl is priceless. She is far worse than that sophmore chick from last season.

    I dig "the predator" chick. But all of her intentions seem hollow. I don't think she will be successful at all.

    Meathead is great. Except those stupid noises he does will get old .... quick.

    What was the point of that poor guy coming back to "profess his love". Could that be anymore awkward for the girl?

    Gianni is your typical pretty boy ... all style, no substance. Just what women want for a vacation fling.

    The rest are all kind of meh ... we'll see what the upcoming weeks bring .. the future scenes look fun.

    Hopefully, they tone down the "flashbacks" .. last year it seemed like 40 percent of the show was flashbacks, or replays.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alizarules
    Jamie's delusions alone are worth an hour and a videotape.
    So true! I keep waiting for her to get a clue. I almost (almost) feel sorry for her. Poor Gianni. Even if he were to just lose it and say the most hideously cruel thing imaginable and she'd still be in the confessional talking about how he's scared to express his true feelings to her. The show should spring for her psychotherapy like they do on Dr. Phil.
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    I felt sorry for the poor guy who came back to profess his love, but I think he just wanted to see how she felt. She told him, and he did the classy thing and left. It seemed like he just wanted to get that off his chest. On the other hand, Jamie needs help. Badly. At this point, if Gianni just went off on her I would truly understand. IT was 10 years ago, Jamie. Get over it!

    In a future episode, someone is supposed to get smacked. Not sure who it is, but I'm sure that Jamie has something to do with it!

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    Kao, I agree with you. I just started watching last night and am upset I missed the first two episodes... but I felt terribly for that guy who came to tell Loretta he loved her. It would have been worse if Loretta lied to him out of sympahty though.

    I can't stand Jen (predator). I hope she doesn't get in between Nikol & that guy (can't remember his name). I'm rooting for them.

    Gianni irritates me too. He's so stuck on himself. Jamie?? Delusional much?? Oyy that girl needs help.

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