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Thread: Jim-"The Jock"

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    Jim-"The Jock"


    Despite being one of the hottest looking guys on campus, Jim was a self-proclaimed shy guy and claims the only reason he was considered cool years ago was because he was good at football. He was never short on dates, that's for sure, however, no one could ever accuse him of being a player.


    Jim says he realized early on that what's considered cool in high school doesn't translate to success in the real world. These days, he's rapidly moving up the ladder in his profession and has a lot more confidence. However, his worst high school memory still concerns the night when Nikol (The Good Girl) broke his heart.

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    He was one of the cutest guys??? I hope that is a bad picture!

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    This guy is a wuss and commitment phobic! Girls think he's a nice guy because he's quiet and does not come on strong. Boy are they going to be fooled - you know he's the type that will have to be dragged to the altar because he'll never make up his mind and spend the rest of his life cheating on his wife foor revenge for choraling him into marriage! Nikol I hope you miss that bullit!!!

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    I go to school with jim's younger sister and she didnt tell us that he was her brother until today...march 11th. A long time after the show ended. We all were talkin bout him and saying who he should stay with and she just went along with everything. Just to update you: Jim and Nicole (however you spell it) didnt work out and Jen has now moved in with Jim.

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