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Thread: High School Reunion 3

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    High School Reunion 3

    I enjoyed watching the High School Reunion aftermath but I just wanted to know if anyone heard the name of the high school that is going to be in next season's High School Reunion? Let me know and thanks and I really appreciate it.

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    I don't remember the name but it is a private school in Ft. Lauderdale Florida.
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    Cardinal Gibbons High School

    The school for HSR 3 is in Fort Lauderdale Florida. It is private .. Catholic even.

    I know because I went there. Class of 1993. Interestingly enough, many of the "cast" for the next season was from my class, not 1994.

    A bunch of us who went there have known for many months about this. The people picked for the show are exactly the folks you'd expect to be cast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cardinal

    I know because I went there. Class of 1993. Interestingly enough, many of the "cast" for the next season was from my class, not 1994.
    A classic High School Reunion trick. This will make it 3/3 seasons where they get people from other graduating classes.

    Don't be surprised if you even see someone who didn't go to your school. It happend last season.

    Got any gossip for us Cardinal?

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    AH! Got plenty. Not about the eps per se, but I do have some intel on the application process (I don't think CIA agents have their background probed like these people do), and the folks in it. I'm in search of the full cast list and am surprise the info didn't get out much. "We" been aware that Gibbons got picked months and months ago and not a peep in the press ... or online.
    They did a good job keeping it secret.
    As far as Gibbons goes, well, I can tell you our mascot is the "Redskins," which I didn't 'get' until I went to college far far away.
    There was a nasty scandel about our prinicpal, a priest, go figure.
    And so much more.

    They picked a good school. Its the reason I love the movie Heathers so much. This school was packed with cliches.

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    Thanks for the info Cardinal, if you don't mind me asking, did you apply? Did they ask certain people to apply? I was just curious on the whole audition process.

    Have any dirt on certain people?

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    I did not apply but I spoke with two who did. It was very open. Everyone who knew about it was encourage to either go to a 'open house' process at a local hotel or email or mail an application. I was invited to go to an interview but I'm not interested in being on TV. The other school in the area that was considered was Douglas High School, a public school out in the western part of Broward County.

    As far as dirt goes, hell, that was ten years ago. I don't really care much anymore about that, but I can say the folks shown so far were very much the "popular" types, at least, I would dare say, by thier own estimation.

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    Hey Cardinal- I probably know you......
    Anyways, I was also a member of the 1994 class at Gibbons. I will know everyone on this show-- I have spoken to many who were on it and have gotten alot of info on what has happened, and how staged everything was- even heard talks about "reshoots" during filming since many things didn't go as planned, or as the producers/directors wanted them.

    As for the school and the class, yep, lots of cliches. After ten years, its amazing how many of these people are still going back and forth with each other. Then again, most of them went to either UF or FSU, roomed together, graduated, came back to Lauderdale, and still bitch at each other, back stab each other, and are in touch with each other as much as ever.....

    For myself, I keep in touch with many of these people either directly, or hear word of mouth on things since I no longer live in the area- (I didn't stick around to graduate Gibbons either but remained close - on the sidelines- with everyone.). I was also asked to go on, but told the WB that I have better things to do like further my professional carreer then to go on some nationally broadcast reality tv show. Screw that.

    Anyways- nice to meet you all- I will be in touch as the fall gets closer and the new season starts. Any questions, feel free to ask.....

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    Hi, I am from the class of 2000. I am looking forward to the show. Does anyone know when it will air? I was the Mascot & Homecoming King Senior year. Many of the teachers are not happy that CGHS was selected for the show. Hank

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    I too graduated from Gibbon in '94. It is true that there were plenty of hijinks during the taping of the show, while I do not know if the producers had gotten what they had hoped for from our class they were certainly promised alot during casting in Ft Lauderdale. They flat out told me as well as others that they wanted major drama and wanted to know all the dirt from our class and our school. In order to get some of us to talk more openly, they threw out random names of classmates and asked us to comment on them either in a negative or positive way. Some people were more than obliged to tell them about the the student from '94 who dated and then married the ethics teacher who then became Dean, as well as the guy who dated 2 sisters at one time without either one knowing. Infact one person, who is on the cast even told the producers that our class was incestuous.

    While I did not hear of re-shoots, I do know that 1 person was asked to leave 1 week into taping because of his pain killer addiction and the fact that they caught him.

    I would imagine that a majority of teachers and facuilty would not be happy that our class was chosen due to the fact that it could cast a negative shadow on Gibbons "reputation", not that we ever had a good squeaky clean one to begin with. I remember our school being dubbed as the druggy school, or the school where you could buy your education.

    Anyhow, as far as the casting situation went, it was open to all graduates of 1994. It later became semi-open to anyone from the class above or below that had a significant factor in being involved with someone from '94. That is why you may see some surprise visitors from the classes of 93 and 95.

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