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Thread: High School Reunion 3

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    Im just not that into you AmandaFabulous's Avatar
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    Sounds like every other high school to me.
    Look, I love me most...If I could run across the beach into my own arms, I would.

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    Gee, I seem to rememeber more of those disgusting pig fetuses that the senior boys hung from every tree and doorway outside of the class buildings after our whacked out teacher let us disect them. That reminds me, who was that teacher that used to drink alcohol out of beakers?

    The drinking week Jenna 305 is referring to is little sister/brother week. Where 1 senior is hooked up with 1 freshman and passes down the all the partying ways of gibbons -- nice way to start school.

    As far as the reunion goes, I looked at the evite response list and it seems as if about 25 people are going. Of course, everyone that has reponded all fall into the same clicks that they were associated with during school. Somethings never change!

    Should be interesting to see who shows up at the actual reunion after the show is aired

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    Like Every other school..

    You're right, Bama.. all high schools are probably the same.
    What makes Gibbons different is that they are choosing to air their 10-year old dirty, filthy laundry on national tv.

    As for the token dorks or african americans, they are going to have to use actors--because the dorks went to UF or FSU and became "cool" by continuing to binge drink and date rape while the 10 african americans who went to Gibbons are now if the NFL and NBA and too good for the WB.

    When is the show supposed to air? I never saw the trailer, anone want to recap for me or tell me where I can find it?

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    Bama, did your school have pig fetuses? Hanging from the trees?

    I agree with Jenna305, tho. Maybe CGHS was like everywhere else, but then again, things were kinda surreal, what with tacky uniforms, burrito brown buildings, and nuns and priests. Mix in a lot of liquor, dip, weed and what not and some truly a-hole teachers and administrators....

    Let's just say I picked up my share of trash during an after school detention and I certainly wasn't please to be performing the task while wearing culottes (sp?) and a polo shirt.

    Anyone here remember when Gibbons realize that the "Spirit Keg" was prolly not a good thing to use during rallys, so they got that lame ass spirit stick?

    How about looking across the gym and watching a couple hundred people perform the sign of the cross?

    Or, when you realized that our mascot (the REDSKINS !) was actually a racial slur.

    The teacher who drank out of the beakers. I think that was .. not Mrs. Greene. Hmmm. I remember Mrs. Henley teaching about the Van Allen Belt flib. And that one math teacher that went crazy in class and never came back.

    What's the deal with all the reality shows using people from here. The winning guy (who was not average) on Average Joe was from Lauderdale.

    The Bachelor? If the woman must remain nameless, can you confirm that she is def. on the show?

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    High school reunion 3

    I heard the cast had an amazing time and think we should support them.

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    The girl who was supposed to be on the Bachelor IS infact on the show, and she is/was a model here in ft lauderdale.

    As far as the cast and supporting them goes, I dont think anyone here is trying to bash them intentionally (maybe some are??). But for those of us that actually went to Gibbons and graduated in 1994 we have alittle more insight on the people and their behaviors 10 years ago. Lets face it people talk smack all the time, and it's all in fun and games. The stuff you read on these boards are nothing to the stuff that will be said on the show. The real support will be seen when we find out who is actually on the show and if they do infact come to the reunion.

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    who are you then

    Since you graduated in 1994 and since you seem to know so much about the show, then you must have been there? what is your name and how was the free trip to Hawaii?

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    Gibbons and Drama?

    What? I must be so out of the loop. What is going on with Gibbons and HSR 3? I loved HSR 2 that was wild but seeing the preview for HSR 3 it totally blows Round Rock away. Do you really think it's going to be as dramatic as they showed? I am at Gibbons now and it's still a party school.
    Tell me more about the cast? Do we know who else is on the show? Seems like you guys are writing about certain gibbons grads? Any new news on them? Can't wait to see the show!!!!

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    kitty 1233

    well we think Kitty1233 was on the show and wondering who she is?

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