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Thread: 4/11 Show Discussion **Spoilers until 1AM**

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    4/11 Show Discussion **Spoilers until 1AM**

    No one else will probably write in this thread... *shrug* hehe, but I couldn't hold in the whole tooth brush incident! Ewww!!!

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    Do you think that it will be trevor and amanda who get engaged? and do you think that Denise and Gabe will get back together. I was so excited when he turned Heather down. For her to be that obsessed she has issues

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    the tooth brush was pretty disgusting

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    is anyone out there?

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    Heh just got home from a dinner at Grandmas so I'm watching my tape of it right now.

    Hahah Heather got REJECTED!

    I had to rewind and quote this "There is no me and Heather. There is no us."
    It was really nice to hear Gabe's opinion on the whole situation for a change. Obviously Heather was thinking that something was there when it wasn't, which is probably how it was in high school.

    Oh gross I just saw what she did to the toothbrushes....could she be any more disgusting and immature?
    Yahtzee! Game on! We will make your life here a living hell. She's constantly in my ear, constantly in my ear. I'll see you in Arizona...with about 50 guys. If you thought you were running sh*t, that's gonna change!

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    I can't believe that the camera men didn't stop Denise from using her toothbrush!!

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    My my my. This show is so bad , I'm stunned. Yet the worse it gets, the more I want to watch.

    Anyway I was actually clapping when Gabe gave Heather the boot. I really thought the guy was a complete meathead before tonight's episode. I think he did the best thing....even if he does like Heather, the drama and turmoil isn't worth it. I try not to hook up with someone else right in front of my ex, it's just not necessary. :rolleyes

    I still think Denise is an uptight priss though. The way she was going on and n about the girls skinny dipping and what kind of person they are was just dumb. Ummm they're kinda on vacation, they're still pretty young, and if they're single, what's the big deal?!

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    The toothbrushes were revolting! I, too, was thrilled to see Gabe turn Heather down.

    And in Denise's defense, she is not the only one who thought skinny dipping was immature. All the senior girls thought it was silly. The others may have said stuff, but the producers are only showing us what Denise is saying.

    All I have to say is, I guess 2 years in age really seem to make a big difference with this group of people.

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    I just hate Denise so much. That "apology" had no substance. I agree with heather when she said that Denise is just trying to forget it ever happened. The whole thing with Gabe turning Heather down...well, it's cool because he doesn't want a relationship right now. The thing that pisses me off is that Denise thinks Gabe turned Heather down because he wants to be with her. Well, he clearly stated he doesn't want a relationship right now, and he want to get together with Denise either. I can't believe Denise thinks that her and Gabe "must" be together after the reunion. I'm glad I don't know anyone like how Denise was in high school.

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    Quote Originally Posted by geekgirl
    This show is so bad , I'm stunned. Yet the worse it gets, the more I want to watch.

    I know what you mean...I cannot not watch it!
    IMO, the issues that Denise and the sophomore girls have against each other is getting a bit petty and old. It's entertaining, but old. I guess it's hard for some people to let stuff go. I missed the "confrontation" that Denise and Heather had, could one of you wise people give me a quick rundown? Thanks in advanced!

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