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Thread: 4/04 Show Discussion **Spoilers until 1am**

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    I know, but they haven't talked much at all since then...unless you count Denise saying she had Gabe's belt and socks with that "we-had-sex-first" kind of tone. :rolleyes Actually, Gabe and Denise have been divorced for years. When Denise said that Heather should move on because it's been 10 years since high school, I was thinking that Denise should move on because it's been like 3 (or something like that) years since the divorce.

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    Quote Originally Posted by faninvegas
    heh, I can't stand him...

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    Quote Originally Posted by misscrispy
    Heather is the homewrecker, not Johnny. All Johnny is breaking up is a relationship. Heather is breaking up a 10-year marriage where two children are involved!!

    Well, I don;t consider Heather a homewrecker because Gabe and Denise have been broken up for a long time. Their relationship is over, I think if Gabe and Denise really wanted to get back together,they would've already done so outside this show. As for Johnny, he is messing up LouAnne's relation with her boyfriend or fiancÚ. Johnny needs to let go too becuase their relationship was 10 years ago and it wasn't anything serious. Well this is my opinion
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