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Thread: Daniel- "The Gay Guy"

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    Daniel- "The Gay Guy"


    "The Gay Guy"
    As one of the few openly gay students at Round Rock High, Daniel was a master at making friends and pulling harmless stunts like wearing a kilt to prom. He was also an excellent student, an accomplished musician and politically active. Basically, you always wanted Daniel at your party.


    Registrar, Boston, MA
    Pre-Reunion - Ten years later, Daniel is happier than ever, and he doesn't for a second miss the uptight jerks he encountered during his youth in Texas. He is thriving in the East Coast academic community where he now resides. If anything, Daniel is really curious and excited about being reunited with the friends he's lost touch with, and wouldn't mind finding out that one of his classmates from '93 had a crush on him and is finally ready to get honest about it.
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    Not much to say about him just seems like a good guy. But when he says he wants to find out if someone had a crush on him-does he want a girl or a guy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AIWANNABE
    Not much to say about him just seems like a good guy. But when he says he wants to find out if someone had a crush on him-does he want a girl or a guy?

    I saw some previews on Channel 5 the duba duba dubbya B that shows a boxing match. The previews seemed to hint that the Gay gentleman has some sort of issue with the way he was treated in the past. Of course, this may all be hype.

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    He looks a little "slow" in that second picture if you know what I mean.

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    This is off the subject of Daniel but did they have a gay contestant on the first season?

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    I feel a bit conflicted about him after seeing epi 1. He's dealing with one obvious chucklehead, the "Redneck", and shouldn't have to take obvious crap. At the same time, it looks like he's spent years growing a chip on his shoulder as a reaction to coming from an intolerant place, and that can't be healthy.
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    What should I saaay about Daniel.....
    Well I am glad that he is in touch with who he is.....
    But DAMN! He really Gays it up 200%.....
    I almost jumped to another channel if I did not read about him in reviews of the program. I ALREADY dislike that red-neck a-hole for just quickly vacating the room. He has a lot to learn about gay people cause he will run into them long after this show. Since this is episode 1 Daniel may seem masculine but acts how should I say faye waaay to much. I myself like to act like that now & then but I know how to switch it off.

    Daniel should say hey if you don't like me then just move on.

    And I saw clips of upcoming episodes and saw a certain stripper...

    I don't know the guy that I saw but I have encounted him $$$ when I was still living on the island.

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    This guy seems like a riot. I'm glad he actually tried to bring up the subject of TJ moving out. Things needed to be said. I don't want him to get too hostile about it though. He should make the show interesting.

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    I LOVED this guy. Loved the speedo outfit he "arrived" in, loved the sashaying he approached, loved the comments he made. LOVED HIM!!!

    I think the editors or producers prodded him into the "confrontation" with the redneck. I mean what's the use of having an openly gay dude and an obvious homophobe on a show when you can't have conflict. I personally think Danny could care less what TJ thinks, but it makes for great television.

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    I think this guy is playing it up entirely too much. I don't think the redneck is a jerk because he left the room. I think it would have been better if he stayed and got to know the gay guy, but if he felt uncomfortable then oh well.

    This guy is playing off a very prissy card and it is slightly annoying.

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