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Thread: Jeribai Tascoe - Season 8

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    Jeribai Tascoe - Season 8

    Age: 33
    Current City: Sonora, Calif.

    When it comes to design, Jeribai says he is a "jack-of-all-trades." While he doesn’t have formal design training, he has worked in many areas of design, including interior design, as well as product, graphic and Web design. Jeribai, who works as a product manager for a software company and as a freelance graphic designer, recently began purchasing and redesigning old homes. He names his favorite project as the studio drum room that he created from a wooden shed, and he considers his style a “fresh remix” in which he adds a new spin to classic styles.

    Jeribai Tascoe : HGTV Star : Home & Garden Television
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    Re: Jeribai Tascoe - Season 8

    While I appreciate the effort/talent that went into his fabric design, if he continues to 'peacock' it's gonna get to be a real turn-off. He is probably the easiest on the eyes and far less annoying than most of the others.
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