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This was fun to watch - you could really tell who is a creative thinker. Cathy is unbearable - besides her opening her eyes too wide and being stiff - her personality and designing is disappointing. I hated that "rug" because it looked so poorly done, and the broken pieces of dishes were just dumb looking. She seems to always try to bring in a travel element, and it seems to me she's stretching for this.

Mark's room was cool, and his personality on camera was too - a real cool character. Tyler's room was amazing - I was so skeptical when I saw him leaving the store with tons of water bottles. Guess that shows my lack of creativity!! I liked Karl's room just as much - it was very pretty. He could hang in there for awhile, and I'd like to see either Leslie or Kellie go far too.
When I saw the water bottles I knew he was going to create something good. It was way too strange a choice to be lame. I also knew that the two women in the bottom would be there even before they created their rooms. Karl is good but they are going to have a problem with him if he does more painting and that is a shame because I love what he has done. Why scare him away from a good skill?