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Thread: Leslie Ezelle: Season 6

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    Leslie Ezelle: Season 6

    Leslie Ezelle

    Interior designer Leslie Ezelle takes a less-is-more philosophy to design and keeps her spaces easy and inexpensive.

    Age: 43
    Hometown: Dallas, Texas
    Leslie, a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, cruise ship entertainer and mom of a blended family, has a wide variety of design experience ranging from remodels to home staging for real estate agents. Leslie, who describes herself as fun with a larger-than-life personality, helps clients "tame their domain" and believes that a stress-free, organized home offers the happiest and healthiest environment. With her preferred design style of "simple, traditional elegance," she offers a less-is-more design philosophy that's easy and inexpensive. Above all, Leslie considers herself a survivor. After winning a two-year battle with breast cancer, she is ready to live her dream as the host of an HGTV design show.
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    Re: Leslie Ezelle: Season 6

    First episode and I like her.

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    Re: Leslie Ezelle: Season 6

    I give her SO much credit for putting up with an impossible partner the first week out. Wow!
    Their room was beautiful too.

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    Re: Leslie Ezelle: Season 6

    She did say "my wife and I' . . . . right?

    I'm all for marriage between two people who love each other. Absolutely nothing wrong with that. It's just that I did NOT see that coming.

    I know editing gets twisted at times and we are expected to believe things happened the way we were shown, but seriously . . . . . she spilled BLACK PAINT on the BRAND NEW CARPET, something no home owner wants to see and yet she made it all about her? "Why me, why now?" I would have been more concerned about how the people who lived there were going to feel about it. I'm sure there was money in HGTV's budget to fix it if she hadn't been able to blot it up, but still . . .
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    Re: Leslie Ezelle: Season 6

    Quote Originally Posted by Little Sew&Sew View Post
    She did say "my wife and I', right?... I did NOT see that coming.
    I KNOW, right? I love how she stated it so matter-of-factly that everyone wathcing had to rewind to see if they heard her correctly! Good for her.
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    Re: Leslie Ezelle: Season 6

    Sure, if the carpet was ruined, HGTV would replace it for the family. However, if it was ruined, it would also be counted against Leslie's presentation. And there was no time to replace it. It was kind of amusing that the bomb-proof carpet proved to be pretty much so.
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