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Thread: Blanche Garcia: Season 6

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    Blanche Garcia: Season 6

    Blanche Garcia

    Interior designer Blanche Garcia mixes eco-friendly materials with touches of luxury for a look she calls "green glam."

    Age: 32
    Hometown: Montclair, N.J.

    Despite a childhood filled with frequent moves, little money and the unexpected death of her father, Blanche says it was her dream of becoming an interior designer that kept her going. At age 15, she started as a volunteer for community building projects and, a few years later, pursued her studies in interior design. Today, Blanche is a licensed interior designer and business owner with many high-end residential and commercial clients. Blanche identifies her design style as "green glam" and loves to enhance traditional eco-friendly materials with touches of glamour and luxury.
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    Re: Blanche Garcia: Season 6

    This girl came off aggressive right off the bat, challenging the others whether or not they were certified, when she had just met them all. She didn't sound curious/friendly about it either. Did she realize she's trying out for a TV job where her personality is key?

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