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Thread: Second Episode - 7/26

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    Re: Second Episode - 7/26

    Quote Originally Posted by Harmony2000;3616506;
    Martha McCully is her name.
    Oh, yeah. Now I remember. Thanks!

    I couldn't even remember if it was a man or a woman, but now that you say that, I can see her quite clearly. She was the editor of InStyle or something, right?

    ETA: Oh, I just saw that CrossingGuard posted she's from InStyle. Thanks!
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    Re: Second Episode - 7/26

    Quote Originally Posted by princess07;3620700;
    The kitchen had too much stuff going on with it. I don't think the homeowner really liked it.
    It's like those designers never watch HGTV. De-clutter!!! They sure will not be able to host Sell this House or Design to sell or Stager or whatever!

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    Re: Second Episode - 7/26

    I noticed that Toshiba has a nice bio on this board. Maybe she is getting ready to redeem herself next week. she has a sweet personality but so far, as far as being a contender, I haven't seen it. But these shows could be edited to show anyone any way they want. I think sometimes they figure they know about half of them are not in it at all from the start so it doesn't really matter what order they go out in and to add drama mix it up a little and send them out in a more high drama way.

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    Re: Second Episode - 7/26

    I love how everyone is calling Tashika "Toshiba". It's the one nickname that makes me laugh every time.

    This cast is so boring. There really aren't any dramatic people that keeps things interesting. That's why Tashika was kept around for the reasons you stated: to create drama.

    This show is about finding the next design star, I know that. But they can find some talented designers that are interesting also. I don't know how any of these people who do as a host, because most of them really haven't shown much personality.
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    Re: Second Episode - 7/26

    I like this show and have watched it for a few years now

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