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Thread: Any DVD recordings?

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    Any DVD recordings?

    I went out of town to be with my sons during Thanksgiving holiday and forgot to set the DVD recorder for the finale. Anyone out there have either the finale episode (or even the entire series) on DVD? I have an extensive collection of tv programs / movies on DVD - perhaps we can make a trade or I can pay for the cost of the dvd(s) and postage for a copy.

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    Hey MTolbertson!!

    I also missed one of the episodes. I looked on ebay and I bought the DVD set there. I tried to put a couple links up, but I am new here and it wouldn't let me.

    There are two listings right now. You can get to them buy typing in "He's A Lady" in the search engine, or looking up item listings for "alabama-lady". Alabama-lady is the woman I recieved my dvds from. I got the dvds in good condition and I got the fast. I would highly recommend her. Right now the prices are reasonable. I paid about $35.00 with shipping. I don't know how much you want to spend on them.

    hope this helped!! Happy Holidays!! :santasmil

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