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Thread: 11/23 Finale Show Discussion *Spoilers*

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    I'm glad David won. I think he got more out of the experience as opposed to the other guys because of his weight. Although the majority of people today are becoming more and more overweight, many are still very judgemental and insensitive.

    For example, I was in class one day, and these girls around me began gossiping about a girl who had just gotten a new boyfriend. What really got me was when one of the girls said, "She has a boyfriend? But she's a fat chick! I mean, she's pretty; she has a pretty face and stuff ... but still." But still. She's fat, and that mean's she can't be attractive. Ugh. Grow up.

    David experienced a true difficulty that many women have to face everyday. I hope he really did get as much out of it as he said in his speech, and that he puts that $250,000 to good use.
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    This was actually the first reality tv show I've ever seen (other than BMB) that I think actually had something socially useful to offer. A lot of what the guys learned about respecting women was awesome.

    And this is also the first show I've seen where I felt the right person actually won the money.
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