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    age: 29
    hometown: Denver, Colorado
    marital status: Married for ten months
    children: None
    occupation: Finance Officer
    height/weight: 5'11" / 170 lbs.

    profile notes:
    Dan is a positive guy who manages to stick one to you with his cocky ways. He is very confident in his appearance and his abilities. He is a great baseball player and loves being an international baseball coach.

    Dan is a guy who takes action. A definite "doer." He will be the first guy to jump on an opportunity that challenges him.

    Dan is motivated and loves life. He is very creative in all he does. Dan can come across as very aggressive and eccentric, which gives him an edge.

    Dan believes the all-American man has to be physically fit, a risk taker and of course good looking, and Dan knows he is all three! Dan stood on an edge of a waterfall in Australia to show how risky he truly is and although Dan is a little over the top, he is a sweet and loveable character.

    What will he do with the money?
    Dan would like to take his family and his wife's family on vacation and put money down on a house.

    Why will he do it?
    Dan is the life of the party. Dan can enjoy any challenge put in front of him. The fact that he can have extra money to share with his wife is the biggest reward.

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    confidant in his looks and abilities eh? This could be the guy I don't like I guess it will depend on how his "confidance" comes off.
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    29 years old? He looks like he just joined the fraternity.

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    I agree FG, he looks younger. I think he'll look like a woman, there's something about his face!

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    life of the party? wasn't that the "name" of the reality tv show that they used to lure the male contestants into appearing on Average Joe.
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    I think it will be easier to transform the blondes/semi-blondes in general because they have less of a shadow when shaved clean. Some of these guys will need heavy makeup to cover the shadow, but Dan might be one of the lucky ones who do not need to deal with that as much
    ps. This is just my opinion in the matter.

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    I guess they saw through his strategy and realized he was the schemer.
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