Tonight’s show starts with Robyn boohooing her way around the dorm. She thought she was going home instead of Kimmie (no such luck) and knows she’s out of chances with Ramsay. Or so she thinks.

The challenge for this evening consists of the teams cooking three dishes from the regular menu: Lamb, risotto, and cod. But only one person at a time is allowed in each kitchen - they must tag team the cooking, which will show just how lacking their communication skills are. And oh, are they lacking. The whole thing is a debacle: Clemenza goofs around with his apron on his turn, wasting time; Robyn burns the cod; and pretty much everybody fell flat. Ramsay is displeased, and awards no points to either team for their crappy dishes. Another first in Hell’s Kitchen, nobody wins the challenge! A nice trip to the beach in a convertible awaited the winners. Alas, no sunscreen will be needed today. The losers all get to detail the SUVs and clean up the front of the building, griping the whole time.

Everyone is feeling pretty low by now, so Ramsay pulls out the coveted black jackets in an attempt to liven them up. It works. They’re all jazzed, wanting to get their paws on one of the six jackets. Dinner service begins, and shockingly, the red team is kicking ass. Christina has several issues with risotto during the night - including almost mixing old leftover risotto with a new pan of fresh, for which Ramsay almost tore her head off - but overall, the red team kills the blue team tonight.

The blues can do no right with Clemenza sending up three pans of different colored risotto for one table, a major no-no: one table, one pan, Chef beats into their heads. Brian crashes and burns on the meat station, sending up raw beef yet again. At this point, Ramsay starts throwing utensils. Then Robyn gets into a screaming match with the guys, insisting that they told her to put her veggies in a “holding oven” to keep them warm after Ramsay busts her They say they never told her any such thing. If they did, it was never shown, so...yeah. Of course, nothing is ever Robyn’s fault anyhow. She snickers when Justin gets yelled at for reheating fish. What’s not so funny? The blue team’s diners are leaving the restaurant in droves, while the red team is done with entrees.

Trying to get at least one little table served, Brian fails when he overcooks the Wellingtons. Ramsay bellows for Barbie to go help Brian, who cusses and smacks the table for being so dense tonight. Barbie, on the other hand, is ecstatic that Chef picked her to save the day and grins like the cat that ate the canary. “I feel like a castrated dog!” wails Brian.

Of course the red team has earned their black jackets, and put them on with squeals of joy, sipping their champagne to celebrate. After the usual bickering upstairs - Robyn calls Justin a liar over the stove incident and also yells at Brian - Clemenza, Robyn, and Brian are all presented to Ramsay for his booting pleasure due to a tie in voting. But wait. He only asked for two. You bombed during dinner and you can’t even do as I ask now? he yells. He calls Justin up to join the stooges, but ends up kicking Brian out. Yep, Brian over Robyn. I don’t get it, either.

F-bombs dropped: 73