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Thread: Hell's Kitchen 7/18 Minicap: Potato, Potahto, Tiffany Still Can't Cook Them

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    Hell's Kitchen 7/18 Minicap: Potato, Potahto, Tiffany Still Can't Cook Them

    After all of the previews about Chef flipping out over Clemenza’s bony quail, nothing came of it. “I’ll fix it,” he promises, and Justin offers to double check the birds behind him. Nobody got booted. Big whoop.

    Dinner service is Red team versus Blue, with the comment cards determining the winner. Right off the bat, Christina is overwhelmed with all the flatbread orders. Barbie goes to help her and they catch up. Justin’s appetizer of stuffed squash blossoms is undercooked by Robyn, who automatically blames Justin for telling her the wrong cook time. It’s sabotage, she squawks! After burning the next batch, there’s nobody to blame but herself. Which she won’t do, of course.

    The Red team is already on entrees - shocking! - but they still can’t get along. Barbie, in a fit of helpfulness, offers to help Kimmie with the steaks. Kimmie’s not having it, then proceeds to overcook her steak. Speaking of incompetence, Robyn has managed to run through all the scallops with her messed up squash blossoms and must go to the customers and explain why they can’t have what they wanted. She’s highly embarrassed, as well she should be.

    You’d think by now, the “good” cooks would be left. Wrong! Brian sends out a mushy lump of onion ring garnish (after forgetting it the first time); Dana sends up raw lobster claws, which Ramsay calls “pinker than Paris Hilton’s lipstick”; and nasty Tiffany gets busted using a dirty pan for fresh garnish. She also has her potato dish sent back. Seems the customers like their potatoes cooked instead of crunchy raw. Tiffany rolls her eyes and piddles around remaking the dish - the sous chef throws her out for her pissy attitude and tells Dana to take over her station.

    After Brian sends out raw fish, Ramsay loses it and tosses the entire Blue team out. Once dinner is over, he rips up the comment cards, declaring that there will be no winning team tonight. The screaming commences in the dorms - neither Robyn nor Clemenza want to take blame for anything they do wrong.

    Robyn, Clemenza, Tiffany, and Barbie (?!) are nominated, and Tiffany gets the boot. Hallelujah. This women just doesn’t care about what she’s doing, and Chef says “I cannot see a leader in you” as she waddles off to a promising career as a fry cook in some burger joint. This leaves eight goofballs, and Ramsay warns them to step it up or he’ll be getting rid of them quicker.

    Oh, please do.

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    Re: Hell's Kitchen 7/18 Minicap: Potato, Potahto, Tiffany Still Can't Cook Them

    Thanks, Waywyrd! Hubby didn't allow me to watch the show last evening.

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    Re: Hell's Kitchen 7/18 Minicap: Potato, Potahto, Tiffany Still Can't Cook Them

    Bwaaa shicka bwa bwaaaaaaaaah. I'm not sure that's what you meant Brooks, but it sounds better than watching this mess, anyway.

    If anyone finds out what burger joint Tiffany manages to get a fry cook job at, can they let me know? I want to avoid that sucker.

    I was on vacation, thanks for the mini-caps, Wayward.

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