This is starting to feel like the show that never ends, isn't it? Picking up from last week, Ramsay looks at the size of Clemenza’s jacket and laughs, saying that he could sail across the Atlantic with that thing. Robyn, for whatever reason, kisses Clemenza’s ample behind and tries to get him to step up and lead the team. The Justin/Brian bromance continues, and Brian argues with Tiffany over her snotty treatment of him last dinner service. It’s not just you, Brian, she treat everyone that way.

In some twisted attempt at humor, Chef brings in some world champion eater named Joey and picks out Barbie, Tiffany, Brian and Justin to challenge the guy in a hot wing eating contest. There was a $500 prize to be won, and I’m really not sure if anyone won it or not because I wandered off at that point. The sight of Tiffany’s mug covered in hot sauce was too much to bear.

And then! They have the blind taste test challenge. After burning their faces off with hot sauce. Not very nice, Chef. And of course, most of them smoked ciggies that morning, ruining their palates even more. Beets, turkey, pineapple, shallots, grits, lamb, sweet potatoes and other delicacies are spooned out to waiting mouths. They get a few correct guesses and many bad guesses, but Justin steals the spotlight by getting them all correct (the first time ever), with sunchoke being the winning last answer for his team. Sunchoke? I don’t even know what that is. Off to Google...

So the Blue team gets a trip to a waterpark where they have all the slides to themselves - much fun - while the Reds get to deal with delivery day. Trucks roll in, loaded with boxes, supplies, and ice. While Brian and the others are having a blast, the Red team is hating life. Kimmie hops all over Barbie for what she perceives is laziness. Barbie is in the ice truck, taking bags off the pallets and stacking them at the back so the others can reach them easier. Foul Kimmie doesn’t like this, and spouts off “stupid bitch” more times than I care to count. Barbie has a much higher patience level than I do, for sure.

One more special delivery occurs later that night: a box containing a message from Ramsay, who informs his troop that they must come up with their own menu for the next dinner service. Red vs. Blue. Kimmie and Robyn both blurt out dishes that nobody else considers fine dining, and they both get their little panties in a twist over it. Barbeque sauce on a ribeye? An 80's style fruit ring salad? Meh.

Still, the girls give Kimmie the opportunity to make her sauce, but they’ll call it something more suitable. She bumbles around with it, finally creating something edible that the others approve of. Barbie spends/wastes a good two hours scrubbing mussels, pissing off her team, while Clemenza spills red sauce all over his shirt and trots off to the bathroom to scrub it clean, lest Ramsay yell at him again for looking the slob. While he cleans up, his fuming team is left to prep without him.

Finally, the dishes are set out for Chef to taste. He rips several of them apart, and likes a few. Until he gets to Clemenza’s quail entree, which he didn’t debone. Ramsay takes a deep breath, about to spew a litany of obscenities, and....the show’s over. Pff. ‘Til Tuesday, foodies....

F-bombs dropped:60