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Thread: Hell's Kitchen 7/3 Recap: Cooking Scared

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    Hell's Kitchen 7/3 Recap: Cooking Scared

    Steak night, continued! Poor Kimmie managed to burn her hand just as dinner service was starting, and Ramsay orders a flustered Clemenza to tote her off to the medic. She gets all fixed up and runs back out to the kitchen, tears in her eyes. I hate burns, I’d rather get a cut. Ouch. The Red team is all “Go Kimmie!” except for Robyn, who calls her a crybaby. I call Robyn many things over the course of the show tonight, but most of them are unprintable on this PG-13 site.

    Tonight’s service is also kiddie night, and each child gets a mini pizza appetizer. Clemenza hops all over this, showing off by throwing and spinning the dough in the air. Ramsay isn’t impressed by the showmanship, but likes the finished product. Tiffany, pleasant little person that she is, tells us that she doesn’t like kids, they know nothing about fine dining (neither does she, honestly), and their opinion doesn’t matter anyway. What a charmer. To show just how much she cares, Tiff burns her first batch of pizzas and tries to cut the burnt crap off. Ramsay doesn’t let that fly. Over on the Blue side, Brian is making weird voices as he cooks, irritating everyone. He makes a batch of blinis the size of a quarter, leading Ramsay to yell at him to lay off with the silly voices and just cook. Brian shuts right up.

    Tiffany also sends up a batch of odd-shaped blinis, earning Chef’s ire. Barbie (who I’m liking more and more), hops over to help Tiffany on her station. Miss Thing gets all pissy, hating that Barbie knows what she’s doing and makes her look like the McDonald’s burger flipper that she is. Screw-ups abound: Patrick plates up soft, searless ribeyes, forgets the quantity on an order, then sends out a raw steak. Congrats, Patrick, you’re the first to get booted tonight. As they show him crying in the dorm, a commercial for Ice Age 23 or whatever version they’re on shows underneath him. The squirrel looks like it's laughing at him. Heh.

    Royce, not learning from other’s mistakes, promptly brings up another raw steak. Ramsay grits his teeth and sends a bewildered Royce to join Patrick in the crying room. Of course, he doesn't think he belongs there.

    Robyn continues her odd snottiness towards Kimmie, and secretly snickers when Chef calls them up to yell about a poorly cut steak, thinking that Kimmie is going to get chewed out. Nope, he screams at Robyn. Ha! Robyn steams, thinking Kimmie is out to sabotage her by holding back food so her fish gets cold. They keep bickering, with Tiffany and Barbie getting in some more jabs at each other, when Chef has had it. The Red team is too busy sniping at each other to cook, so he sends the three remaining guys over - Clemenza, Justin, and Brian - to help. Red team is not pleased.

    Someone must have thought steak tartare was on the menu, as the Red team sends out yet another raw steak. Ramsay gives them all a look that could curdle milk and sends the whole lot of them to the dorm to think about how much they suck. That leaves the three guys to finish dinner service, and they do a bang up job of it. Very impressive, considering that there hasn’t been much to be impressed by this season.

    Up in the dorm, the chain smoking and fighting continues. The Blue team’s nominees are a no-brainer: Royce and Patrick, the two who got kicked out. Red team, however, engages in its usual crap. Screaming, fighting, running up my f-word count. Robyn gets all weird and bouncy, getting right up in Kimmie’s face and daring Kimmie to hit her. I’m thinking Kimmie could stomp a mudhole in Robyn without breaking a sweat, so that wasn’t a bright move by Robyn. After the dust settles, Tiffany and Robyn join the group of losers that need to be removed from the competition.

    Yet Ramsay sends Patrick home, keeping the two awful women. Sigh. He sends an ecstatic Robyn over to the Blue team. They aren’t happy but paste phony smiles on their faces. Til next week!

    F-bombs dropped: 121
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    Re: Hell's Kitchen 7/3 Recap: Cooking Scared

    You forgot one PO too in your count... though I think you've underestimated the F-bombs too.

    Thank you for sharing your summaries and taking one for the FORT fans here. It's really getting bad and I wish they had just ousted Robyn too. I mean - seriously, she'd be whistling a different tune if SHE were the one burnt. Grease burns - which I've had at least one of - hurt like a bee sting only much longer. Kimmie showed toughness like Heather in season 2 to come back.

    Though mind you - I don't cook steak often and yet even I can produce a medium steak properly.
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