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Thread: Hell's Kitchen 6/26 Minicap: A Hairy Situation

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    Hell's Kitchen 6/26 Minicap: A Hairy Situation

    Twelve of our cheflings are left, and Clemenza now knows that he has no allies on his team after they all spoke up about wanting him gone at the last elimination. Tonight’s challenge: Adapt or Die! Well, sort of. There are four domes, each to be revealed a few minutes apart. The first holds proteins, and the teams get hopping on the meat without really knowing what they’ll have to go with it. To make it even more stressful, Ramsay brings out three Michelin Star judges to taste the swill. Both teams actually do a decent job, with mostly two-star rated dishes. And a few one-stars. Then - a hair is found in Royce’s lobster dish. And he didn’t remove the, um, waste sac from the creature before cooking it, earning him the ire of Ramsay. And the judge. Poor Royce looks like he wants to crawl off and die. Christina saves the day for the Red team, getting the only three-star rating and the win for Red.

    Off go the women on a nice spa trip, with a side prize of cookware sets. They all squeal in delight. You’d think the girls would just shut their yaps and enjoy the day, but Robyn and Barbie have to get in a little sniping at each other after Barbie makes a comment about not wanting to share bath water. I don't blame her, but hush with the nastiness already, okay? The Blue team? Has to clean the nasty dorm and prep both kitchens. They feel like crap, grumbling about how they’re better than this. Will they suck it up and do right at dinner service? Nope. You know better.

    Tonight’s unlucky/bored/wanting some publicity Special Guests at the VIP tables are none other than Tito Ortiz, former UFC fighter, and Sugar Ray Leonard, former big time boxer. Both teams are happy but nervous to be serving such cool guys. But right off the rip, Clemenza undercooks a batch of pasta, starting Ramsay’s night off on a good note. The food quality is all over the place: Christina makes one batch of excellent risotto, but the next is undercooked. Brian whips up a soupy risotto, then makes a good one. Brian also makes an ass of himself in front of Tito, turning into a fanboy and making boxing moves by the VIP table like the man would be impressed. He just laughs. Robyn does the same in front of Sugar Ray and his wife, blathering on and on about her life until they pass out from boredom.

    Then Ramsay catches Tiffany touching a knife to her lips and cutting Wellingtons with the same knife. Witch germs. The Blue team/Roshni send up both overcooked and raw meats; Tiffany plates up cold Wellies; and Patrick tries to send out cold lobster. Twice. By this time, Ramsay has steam coming out of his ears and sends the whole Blue team packing. They haven’t even served one. Single. Entree. The Red team finishes their service, and hop over to the Blue kitchen to cook up theirs. They actually do pretty well!

    The Blue team does its usual idiotic nomination ritual, sending up Brian and Clemenza for booting consideration. Chef is confused, and says that neither of those two deserve to be up there. He replaces them with Roshni and Patrick, and despite Roshni’s good fighting speech, she is kicked outta there. Makes no sense to me.

    Next week they promise one of the weirdest episodes ever. As if it could get any weirder...

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    Re: Hell's Kitchen 6/26 Minicap: A Hairy Situation

    Thanks, waywyrd!

    See, no reason for me to watch the actual episode, this is much better!

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