What was your first job in a kitchen?
McDonald's. I hated working the counter and begged them to teach me the flat top. My first real kitchen job was at West Chester Country Club; again, where I begged to be allowed in the kitchen to learn.

What is the first dish you ever mastered?
Chicken broccoli alfredo over fettucine. Jimmy at the country club taught me. I was so pumped the first time I did it without breaking the sauce. I'm pretty sure my college girlfriend only dated me for our last four months because I would make it for her anytime.

What is your signature dish?
Molasses Pork Chop with Sweet Mashed Cider Kale

Any stories of triumph from the kitchen? Disaster?
Recently, my grill cook came in still drunk and high off coke from the night before. I sent him home and gave my dishwasher a 30-minute crash course on salads. He's a quick learner. The two of us cooked for over 100 people that night and it was one of the most seamless services I've had shorthanded in my whole career.

Who was your first cooking inspiration?
My grandmother is by far my first inspiration in cooking. She showed me how to provide comfort through food. She made me want to spend the whole day in the kitchen cooking a meal that would be devoured in less than an hour.

What's the one piece of advice you took away from Hell's Kitchen?
Ha ha ha...don't ever try to come back in the kitchen after being thrown out. Honestly, I learned to have standards, always raise them, and always meet them; to be consistent and to always fight back.

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