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Thread: Briana - Season 10

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    Briana - Season 10

    What was your first job in a kitchen?
    My first cooking job was working a grilled cheese cart in college! I added on quesadillas and reubens and was pretty proud of myself. That also allowed me to become friends with the bicycle cops, which came in handy.

    What is the first dish you ever mastered?
    Risotto. I loved that it required constant attention because I like to mess with things (another reason I'm not a pastry chef), and getting that perfect balance is like an art.

    What is your signature dish?
    Duck with Sugar Spice Sauce

    Any stories of triumph from the kitchen? Disaster?
    My "signature dish" that I prepared for Chef Ramsay, which I had actually never made before! You'll have to watch and see if it's a disaster or triumph.

    Who was your first cooking inspiration?
    My late aunt Maureen. I remember she prepared a shrimp soup that I was amazed by, and I thought to myself, "I want to learn how to do this."

    What's the one piece of advice you took away from Hell's Kitchen?

    FOX Broadcasting Company - Briana Swanson - Hell's Kitchen on FOX - Official Site
    It was me. I let the dogs out.

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    Re: Briana - Season 10

    Wait? She can make risotto? She is way overqualified for this show
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    Re: Briana - Season 10

    Quote Originally Posted by dagwood View Post
    Wait? She can make risotto? She is way overqualified for this show
    How true! Maybe she is the ringer to win the show since she can cook risotto .

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    Re: Briana - Season 10

    this girl has white hair

    who keeps telling yall women that thats attractive

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