What was your first job in a kitchen?
Prep cook. Not a good one. All my fingers are now prosthetics.

What is the first dish you ever mastered?
Cereal. Oh, that I've mastered? Cereal with milk.

What is your signature dish?
Dark Chocolate Molten Cake with Berry Sauce and Cream

Any stories of triumph from the kitchen? Disaster?
Any time another human trusts you enough to put what you've created in their mouth, that's a triumph. If they die, some may consider that a disaster. If they fall in love with you and want more, job well done.

Who was your first cooking inspiration?
I don't remember much in the culinary field before I got sober five years ago. I realized that cooking and human contact was my path in life because it's the only job I've ever been fired from that I've wanted to keep doing afterwards. Oh, and my mom's a great cook.

What's the one piece of advice you took away from Hell's Kitchen?
If you think you can cook ANYTHING properly when you're performing at 30% mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, Hell's Kitchen will slap your soul and teach you otherwise.

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