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Thread: 11/24 Show Discussion

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    11/24 Show Discussion

    Note to Nona: if you're sick of cleaning HK, then try winning a challenge! Otherwise, stop whining.

    I was a tad bit proud of Russell--"Everybody else may think octopus is disgusting, but I'd rather be eliminated doing my own thing." At least he's got guts.

    The only thing I have to say about dinner service is....Ramsay should have just kept on walking. And walking. And not come back. Maybe he had too much pride to see his beloved HK look so horrible. At least the marines got their dinner.

    Oh, I did think it was hilarious that at the beginning Russell, Nona, and Jillian were going on about how lousy Gail was and then...hmmmm, which one of these three is a professional chef, has been on this show for Lord knows how many episodes now, and still CAN'T COOK SCALLOPS? And was it Nona or Jillian who served up that raw egg?

    The motto of this lot is: , 'cause they sure can't cook.
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    Re: 11/24 Show Discussion

    As far as I'm concerned, no one deserves to run Ramsay's restaurant. These "chefs" can't cook.

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    Re: 11/24 Show Discussion

    Wonder if this will be the first season that they insist the winner take the cash prize instead. I don't see any of these chefs running the restaurant.

    I also do not blame Ramsay here for his temprement - he I think is stuck with good looks/drama books over talent with this bunch.

    I like Nona, but am disappointed in her complaints of cleaning - it's part of the competition.

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