With the pool down to the final six, and all in black jackets, itís hard to remember who half the people in the opening credits even were. The contestants burst into their dorm after receiving their jackets for some wine and nosh. Everyone is happy but Trev; heís still pissed all four women would have eliminated him and sits up smoking and talking to himself.

Headline: Renowned Chefs In Food-Borne Illness Epidemic

The next morning, the cooks must make an amuse bouche to impress five of accomplished chefs, many possessing Michelin stars, an accolade previously associated with tires by Jillian. The cooks dash to make five portions inside of thirty minutes; theyíll be scored from 1 to 10 on taste and presentation, so the top score is 100 points. Gail serves sesame chicken spring roll; she gets 44/50 on presentation and 43/50 for taste and is the score to beat. Sabrina did a French bread topped with vegetables and swoons over the one chef who later insults her presentation. Sabrina gets 35 on presentation as well as taste. Jillian has a grilled pita bread with lemon dill cream sauce and sautťed vegetables. Her presentation is boring and gets her 32 and 33 on taste.

Nona does a shrimp and grits with sauce on the plate, so she gets only 34 on presentation and the body odor taste gets her only 33 on taste. Russell did a hamachi something in a spoon and gets 50 on presentation and on taste, giving him a perfect 100 and the lead. Trevís frog legs are unidentifiable to the chefs; perhaps the frogs went into the blender, one suggests. He scores only 31 on both presentation and taste, putting him in the bottom. Russell wins the challenge and gets a tour of LA Market and a lunch with Ramsay and Kerry Simon, the executive chef; he gets to pick whomever he wants to join them. He admirably picks Gail, since she placed second. As punishment, the other four have to prep and clean the dorms, including the bathrooms.

Gail and Russell get a tour of LA Market, which is up and running. They eat a ďfabulousĒ lunch of pizza and are inspired to be motivated to win. Back at Hellís Kitchen, the losing four clean and prep, with Trev bitching up a storm. Sure, the women could have been asking inane questions, but I donít buy the editing on this show any more.

As a twist on the dinner service, Ramsay nominates Nona to do a Steak Diane tableside, and we all know how fabulously that went down the last time he tried it. Then he pulls out a covered dish, ever so ďhot,Ē to excite the cooks. It would excite me if I hadnít seen the preview of the plate of $250,000 about eighty-five times now in the previews.

Salads: The most difficult thing in the world to make.

James then opens Hellís Kitchen for an undoubtedly disastrous dinner service. Trev and Sabrina are on apps and Gail is on fish; they have to get service off to a good start. Sabrina fries the risotto, Gail undercooks the scallops and itís only the first table. Trev, the king of apps, screws up the lobster spaghetti. Trev goes off on Sabrina for asking how long on his app so Sous Chef Scott gets in Trevís face for shouting. Scott is not a many of irony. Apps start going out, but Trev doesnít like that Sabrina wants to know how much longer. Neither of them can work together, and the apps are still behind.

Ramsay turns to entrees, with Gail on fish, Russell on meats, and Jillian on garnish. Gail comes to the pass with a halibut so over-cooked it sticks to the pan. Ramsay throws a hissyfit and calls the kitchen to a stop and tells them to get their crap together. They get back cooking and Nona is sent out to cook the steak table-side. Sabrina is still screwing up on apps by not being able to dress a salad. Trev has to toss her saladóthe voice over guy said it, not meóand they get all the salads out. Jillian puts up salty mashed potatoes, Gailís grilled salmon is swimming in liquid, and Russell is sending up raw meat. Ramsay tells them all to get it together, but then takes off his apron in a petulant fit, claiming he canít do it any longer. Just like every episode, every season.

Of course they keep going after being threatened with the next person who screws up getting the whole kitchen shut down. Russell is that person, and theyíre all tossed out. The dining room is emptied and Ramsay addresses the final six; heís so pissed he wants everyone to take off their black jackets except Nona who apparently did well with her table-side steaks. Ramsay instructs them to, as a team, pick two people to put up for elimination. Russell, Gail, and Jillian would put Trev and Sabrina up. Sabrina would put Gail up instead of herself; Jillian reconsiders and may want to put up Gail because she screwed up the fish and didnít communicate. Gail and Sabrina each have three nominations so Nona has to be the tie-breaker; she picks Sabrina.

Ramsay asks Sabrina who they put upóshe admits it was the app station. Trev says he should stay because he didnít give up. Sabrina says she never made the same mistake twice and they should both stay but Gail should go for screwing up the fish. She does this all through a wall of tears that only a crocodile could love. Ramsay takes Sabrinaís jacket, wishing her luck, but saying she has a lot of growing up to do. Gail and Trev know they have to step up their games and Nona is a bit too stoked for good foreshadowing.

Tune in next week when Ramsay storms out, Paris Hilton makes an appearance, and I know what Iím thankful for: another single-episode night!