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Thread: 11/17 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

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    Re: 11/17 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by mischief4911;4108416;
    I agree, I mean come on people, your supposed to be clean and sanitary since your charged with preparing food the public is going to eat. It makes me wonder what kind of health consciousness a person has if they can't put garbage in the garbage, dirty underwear in the hamper, and dirty dishes in the dishwasher. If your that lazy (or think yourself so special that someone else should clean after you) am I supposed to believe you bathe often enough or even wash after using the toilet . Bunch of . I wonder how many diners have gotten ill eating there over the seasons (if any have).

    I have to say this is the probably the first season of HK where I am not rooting for anyone. Seriously, I don't think any of them can run bath water let alone a resturant. The preview for next week shows Gordon walking out on the whole lot of them. That may be the wisest decision he's made the whole season. For it to be down to the final 5 and they still can't complete service (and when they do manage it's like 24 hours of back to back hard contractions) is crazy. Where did they find this group? I do not envy Gordon having to pick a winner out of this bunch...
    Amen and amen. I totally agree with you. I watched this past episode with my mouth hanging open. I think that is the worst episode of HK I have ever seen. You people are in the final 5 and you can't even finish dinner service? That's just pathetic. I am dying to see next week's episode. I'll probably cheer when Ramsay walks out.
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    Re: 11/17 Show Discussion *Spoilers*


    Now you have me wondering with your comment about Sabrina being a plant by producers. Hmmmm.... It actually makes a whole lot more sense then her being there based on cooking knowledge and talent. She really reminds me of that girl Lacey on another season. I remember Lacey saying more than once "People just look at me and think I'm a beautiful girl who likes to cook, but Im here to prove I really am a good cook." (OK that might not be verbatim, but is essentially what she kept trying to convince us all of). Of course her statements could not have been further from the truth on ALL counts (that or she has the best mirror in the world or I need glasses way more than I thought ). Sabrina showed up with the same kind of I'm the hottest/most amazingly gorgeous thing to ever walk into this place. Her confessionals about how the men want her, and how she is going to cry and manipulate pretty much confirms that the only game she has is game, not legitimate talent preparing food. I never knew how fine a line there is between confidence and delusion until reality tv.
    I can't wait for next week's show either and will be standing and cheering Gordon on when he walks out too! It's a good thing that he takes good care of himself physically with diet and exercise because this lot I think could seriously cause him to have a stroke or coronary. I just can't wrap my head around how pathetic these people are. They all are supposed to work as cooks/chefs? For who? What really kills me is do they have any clue at all how lucky they are to have this opportunity? Are they really that lacking in talent, that stupid, that unmotivated, or simply just looking for their 15 minutes to say they had it. It really is a shame. If I had been given this chance I honestly believe I wouldn't have any problem winning against this sad group (For the record: Im not saying Im a bad cook that could win against them Im a really good cook). Unfortunately I don't have a body that is able to cooperate. ah well

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    Re: 11/17 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    It makes sense that the producers went looking for "contestants' you have to admit that the people they get for this show are not the brightest chefs in the pack -

    so it wouldnt surprise me if producers went to talent agents looking for a 'type'...

    Sabrina really tried to bring "game" at times, but still hang in there in taht kitchen - cant say she showed any real experience in the kitchen

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