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Thread: Food in HK--Easy to Prepare?

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    Re: Food in HK--Easy to Prepare?

    Quote Originally Posted by jadewarlock;4085235;
    IMHO, I think they intentionally cast people who know the most basic of cooking and look more for drama now.
    IOW, it's become a reality show.

    I can cook scallops and reading instructions know how to make a risotto.

    It's rare I even see Wellingtons on any menu - and I even mean the five star restaurants I've had the very huge fortune of being invited to go to.
    I had heard of Wellingtons, but never seen one until I went to Britain. Even there, the only place I saw it was in a grocery store. I never saw it in a British restaurant. However, I didn't have much money, so I never dined in an upscale place like Ramsay's. Maybe it's common in fancy restaurants there.

    John Dory apparently is imported, and the place I read about this claims (and yes, this is why the Internet is not reliable) that Ramsay apparently has it on the menu in "HK" to attract interest in it getting shipped to America for its restaurants.)
    Never heard of it while I was in England. Guess this is something else only served in fancy places.

    The last season I saw finalists who both could cook and cook well were Danny and Paula's, but even then we don't know what's happened with them since.
    I know. When they brought those former winners back, I wished they could have talked to the contestants and told them, "It's not real! You won't be running a million-dollar restaurant like he said!" Wonder how many of them would stick around then?
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    Re: Food in HK--Easy to Prepare?

    Wellingtons aren't hard to make. You first sear the steak and let it cool (whether individual filets or more of a filet roast like Ramsay seems to use). Then you wrap in in the pastry, covered either in pate or a mushroom concoction, then bake it. Since the contestants appear to get it already en croute, I believe production messes with them on how much sear time the meat has had, making the final cooking time variable.

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