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Thread: Russell Kook II - Season 8

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    Russell Kook II - Season 8

    Name: Russell Kook II

    Age: 29

    Occupation: Sous Chef

    Currently Resides: Chicago, IL

    Hometown: Madison, WI
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    Re: Russell Kook II - Season 8

    He's on the right show with that last name.
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    Re: Russell Kook II - Season 8

    That right there is what TVtropes refers to as, "The Unsmile."

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    Re: Russell Kook II - Season 8

    I thought I'd bump the only potential winner to the front page.

    No one, beyond this guy, really has the potential to win... the show used to cast at least two people with the potential to win... all the rest are filler for yelling at... so this is getting lame.

    Seriously, Trevor in the top four? He made pasta and sausage and claimed it a winner.

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    Re: Russell Kook II - Season 8

    I'm glad that weird Trev is gone but I sure don't want Kook to win!! Please!!
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