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Thread: Hell's Kitchen 7/27 Minicap: Can You Smell What Jay's Cooking?

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    Hell's Kitchen 7/27 Minicap: Can You Smell What Jay's Cooking?

    Before we get started, can someone please explain the Holli - Jay thing? Because I’m not getting it. Eh. On to this week’s show! Four are left: Ben, Holli, Jay and Autumn. Of course, Ben thinks he has it in the bag: “I’m going to f****ing bury these girls,” he boasts. Charming, this guy. Actually, Jay thinks he has it made also: “I have every intention of making them looks silly,” he crows. Somehow, I don’t think they’ll need much help with that, Jaybird.

    A special treat for the final four: Ramsay cooks them up some monkfish. They all take a taste and rave over it (would you dare do otherwise?) and are then informed that they will be teaching four young bachelors how to cook this very dish. Jay isn’t thrilled, as he was hoping for strippers. Of course, Holli flirts with her bachelor - Jay says he isn’t worried. He should be. The sad part? These guys look no less incompetent than their “teachers” do. Frightening. Autumn claims to be a natural teacher as she’s shown wandering away from the kitchen to do whatever, leaving her charge. And Ben, the cooking instructor, thinks he has this one wrapped up.

    Or does he? Turns out the reluctant Jay and his guy nailed it, leaving Ben and his undercooked peppers in the dust. Maybe if he did more supervising and less trying to look all impressive? Anyway, losers get to do clean up and handiwork, fixing tables and such. Jay gets to take his blue and green hair - and Holli, after Ramsay tells him he can take a friend - on a Goodyear blimp ride. Who didn’t see THAT coming a mile away? Ben is incredibly unhappy, admitting that being alone with Autumn is worse than the punishment. In her defense, all she was doing was trying to make conversation with him, God forbid. The blimp flies over Hell’s Kitchen; Ben snarkily asks if they’re now in the mile high club. I’d rather not know.

    Ramsay lets them choose the station they want to cover in another never before seen on Hell’s Kitchen! Decision. Holli and Jay rock the appetizers for a while, until Holli sends up some raw fish. Ben, still pouting, gets ripped for refusing to talk to his team. And for plating up raw Wellington. He may be a decent cook at times, but this guy’s communication skills are pathetic. Jay takes charge of this goof troop, much to Chef’s delight. Someone had to, as they were bumbling around in four different directions. It works, as no food has been returned from the dining room! Call the press, it’s a first in Hell’s Kitchen this season.

    Jay’s excellence during dinner service turns into a curse, as Ramsay tells him to nominate two people. Will he put Holli up? Nah, he puts up Autumn and Ben. You know better than that. They plead their cases, Autumn cries, and Ramsay sends….nobody home, after the now-tired trickery used to make us think he’s going to send an un-nominated person home. Instead, he brings in a bunch of their family and friends, much to the delight of the contestants. Autumn gets her boyfriend and her best friend, Jay gets his mom and stepdad, Holli gets her four year old son and her baby daddy (lots o’ awkwardness there), and Ben takes away a little of my dislike of him with his cooing over his wife and daughter.

    And there we are. Ramsay promises/threatens to “turn it up a notch.” Meaning, two of them are going home next week. Hallelujah.
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    Re: Hell's Kitchen 7/27 Minicap: Can You Smell What Jay's Cooking?

    Quote Originally Posted by waywyrd;4010650;
    Two of them are going home next week. Hallelujah.
    I hope it's Ben & Autumn, god help me if they're left as the final 2
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    Re: Hell's Kitchen 7/27 Minicap: Can You Smell What Jay's Cooking?

    Me too! It's gotta be a Jay/Holli finale! Especially with their little romance brewing. Unless one of them seriously messes up next week....

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