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Thread: 4/2 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

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    Re: 4/2 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by Kip;3403754;
    Welcome, AZChristian.

    That thought flashed across my mind too when that was said on the preview. I liked Ji a lot, but I'm not sure how I feel about her coming back so many episodes later. For one thing, she'd be so much better rested than the other sleep-deprived contestants. I would like to see her come back next season though.

    Could be that's what they do, though....although didn't the preview also imply that everyone does poorly next week? If Ji's there, I guess she wasn't strong enough to lift whatever team she was on.
    Thanks for the welcome, Kip.

    If Ji is supposed to "lift" a team with Robert on it, she has no chance.

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    Re: 4/2 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    I think the term you're thinking of is actually "carry".

    And even then, even Ji couldn't carry either team, especially not blue.
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