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Thread: 4/1 Premiere Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    Re: 4/1 Premiere Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    I'd learn how to cook risotto, beef wellington, quail eggs, seared scallops, and perfect spaghetti. They always seem to have those dishes (or they rotate the appetizer dishes).

    Now that I'm reading that back, I'm not sure I'd want to eat at that restaurant. It all sounds boring and bland.
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    Re: 4/1 Premiere Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    For those of you that have hulu accounts and were talking about the menu being rather boring (I agree) and always having some of the same dishes on there, I thought this short interview with Gordon Ramsay was pretty interesting. He talks about why he puts those dishes on the menu and how it helps him judge the skill of the contestants.

    #Edit: hrm, it seems I can't post the url because of the anti-spamming measures (my account is too new). Anyway if you search hulu dot com for "Hell's Kitchen" it should be within the first five results. The interview is called "Kitchen Nightmares vs. Hell's Kitchen" and is 2:40 long.

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    Re: 4/1 Premiere Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    Now here's something you don't see every day. It's Gordon Ramsay in the same frame as a Mcdonald's

    If anyone has a good caption for this picture, please share it with us
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