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Not sure that the whole "quitting" thing wasn't in part staged....if she needed reconstructive surgery for the hand...she couldnt cook for months.....Odd that they let an anxiety attack pass for a health reason to quit and 3rd degree burns seem like the chef is faking
What part do you think was staged? You've never cooked, have you?

Receiving any kind of injury to your hands is detrimental. Receiving a burn on your hand completely cripples you. It's pretty much like having a reading contest and being sprayed with mace in the eyes beforehand. How are you going to cook if you can't use one of your hands?

I have been a cook before, and have gone to the ER with both superficial and deep burns. When I received superficial burns, I was sent home with a bandaid. On deep burns, I was wrapped up like Vanessa, was told I would need plastic surgery, and couldn't work in the atmosphere for weeks....and this wasn't some contest I was playing in, it was my job. I didn't work for weeks, either, because further and possibly permanent damage isn't worth the risk.

The woman that won one of the last competitions touched a hot skillet. Heat doesn't stay on your hand and keep cooking like grease does. It burns, and it's damaging.