Poll: Who will be the last chef standing in Hell's Kitchen?

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Thread: Who will be the last chef standing in Hell's Kitchen?

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    I would love to see them in the kitchen without Ramsay constantly screaming obscentities at them. It would be a whole different ballgame.

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    Where is "None Of The Above"?

    Seriously, I think the prize is going to be pulled and something with a great deal more supervision substituted.

    Ramsey has to save face. He can't put up anyone who has been trashed by editing and would never be respected. I think Heather, the only real choice left, will self destruct and Ramsey will be stuck.

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    Keith deserves a whack on the head, while sara should stand there and lie to him - um no keith you're not gettting hit -- THWACK! I think it should come down to Heather & Garrett - So far I am pulling for Garrett. But for some reason I think keith is going to go farther than we think.
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    I voted for Heather, but really are any of them qualified?
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    Heather is the most skilled, but the promo at the end of yesterday's episode is a bit frightening, since she WOULD be the biggest surprise boot. And they imply one is coming.

    My feeling is maybe Maribel is being underplayed in the editing and there might be more to her than we are seeing. It is suspicious how little we've actually seen of her.

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    I would have said rachel, before this episode.

    Ramsey like a tough person who can roll over people, yet who can cook.
    That elimantes the red team.

    Sorry but Keith weight (stamina) is going to be an issue, it seems he can't go the distance in the kitchen.

    Heather, yeah I could see her winning.
    But you can't jump over people when they are cooking, and take the food out of thier hands.

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    Heather all the way man. she's good

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    Heather got my vote as well.

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    Since Ramsay was going on about leadership last night - I think it will be a Keith and Heather final with Heather winning.

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