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Thread: 6/13 Show Discussion Thread *Spoilers*

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    Two things are annoying me: the second half of the show is almost the same every week and that narrator. I am sure that at one point the narrator mentioned something about Hell's Kitchen's reputation being on the line. Exactly what reputation would that be: a reputation for bad food, chaos in the kitchen and a chef with an attitude? It must be the must go to place for people with eating disorders - you don't have to worry about being tempted to eat anything - the food is either not going to appear or it is likely to be inedible.

    You would think that by this time they would at least have been able to cook the risotto properly. The show makes it look like the contestants are making progress during the first half hour, but the same things get botched in the second half. What is this? Groundhog Day in the restaurant?

    At least the red team should be better next week without Dewberry and Jeff.

    When Jeff swore at Ramsey and the sous chef went after him "what did you say? did you say?" I thought that rather laughable. It seemed like she had never heard the word before. I guess that on reality tv you are not supposed to stand up to the bully.

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    I too think it's a good idea for him to socialize with the slave labor so that they can see a different (human) side to him.

    I consider myself to be an "indifferent" cook. Basic dishes are necessary; fancy dishes are not. I would fall into the crap category on this show and rightfully so.

    I wonder how many people have tried to contact Gordon about the water temp issue. Maybe it will have a mention in his next book "I can teach anyone to cook, if they aren't CRAP".

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    Does anyone know where Chris worked before he went on this show? He was an executive chef, right?

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    Welcome to the Fort, Seriously.

    There's a thread set up in this forum for Chris. Perhaps there's some information there.
    "Among the blind, the squinter rules." ~ Gerard Didier Erasmus

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    Quote Originally Posted by astrogirl_2100
    So there might be circumstances where getting cold water to boil is faster that getting hot water to boil, if taken from the same tap.
    Questions of this sort are always best answered by the "World's Smartest Human Being" (aka Cecil Adams of The Straight Dope):
    As any sane and decent person would expect, hot water out of the tap will boil faster than cold water out of the tap. However, water that has been boiled once and allowed to cool will boil faster than hot water out of the tap. That's because boiling gets rid of the dissolved oxygen usually found in water, making it easier for the water to boil the second time around.

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    I missed this episode. Will there be an encore?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krom
    It is recommended that you never use hot water out of a tap for cooking, but it's mainly because of the chemical content, I think.
    And I read recently that using cold rather than hot tap water is better if you have older pipes because the lead content is supposedly less in the cold than the hot.

    And for you tea lovers it's best to use cold (filtered) water as the heating process takes away some of the oxygen needed to produce a good cup of tea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BudORourke
    "I don't even know if it was Jeff who had the kidney stones, but I wondered about the text at the end of the show saying Jeff left due to an injury, if that referred to the kidney stones or what the story was there."

    I read somewhere (can't remember where) that Ramsey and Jeff got in a shoving match and Jeff tripped and sprained his ankle. Who knows if it's true?
    Here's the article on what/when: Fight

    and here's the article on the outcome: Settled

    It doesn't mention the "who" though.

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    I dont' think it's one that has already been fired ... and I don't think it would be either Michael or Ralph (both of whom I'm rooting for, mostly Ralph).

    Anyone find out who?????
    "Being famous does not make you a hero." Zeus in Hercules

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    Edit: Whoops wrong thread.

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