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Thread: 6/6 recap: Squids, Stones, and the Little Dewberry That Couldn’t

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    Quote Originally Posted by William13
    I have absolutely no clue what hushpuppies are (unless you mean that you are eating shoes).
    OH! You poor man. Hushpuppies are little cornmeal cakes, usually with onions, fried (often in the fish oil) and served with fish. Done right, they're divine.
    It's such a fine line between stupid, and clever. -- David St. Hubbins

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    Once again, a fab recap, Lucy!

    You know what they say – you can want in one hand and, er, poop in the other, and see which one fills up first.
    Truer words were never spoken!
    Anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that 'my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.' - Isaac Asimov

    I was thinking of the immortal words of Socrates, who said, "... I drank what?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucy
    Dewberry hands over his chef jacket, exposing some serious man-boobs...
    My significant other, a former restaurant worker, was so traumatized by the first episode that it was clear I wouldn't be watching the show live again. Never fear, FORT comes to the rescue! Thanks for the visual! (I think...)

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    Great recap! I too love hushpuppies, but I haven't had them in 15 years, or so.

    I forgot about Dewberry not liking seafood. How do you expect to be head chef at a swanky restaurant and not like seafood?

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    I too thought Hushpuppies were just comfy shoes until I unsuspectingly bit into one at Long John Silvers. My mother was able to identify it, but was not able make me eat it. blahhhhck!

    Wonderful recap, Lucy. How can anyone not like a show that ends with a meathook ripping through the loser's collar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucy
    I guess that makes me Sisyphus.

    Oh, little berry man, you are a long way from being in the position to mete out payback.

    I seriously hope this guy’s friends see this and realize what a putz they hang out with.
    Excellent recap Miss Lucy! This is my new favorite show, and you are a remarkable Sisyphus!
    Could does not mean should

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    Wonderful as always, Lucy! You may well be the wittiest person living.

    Um, yeah, Dewberry. You ain’t in Kansas anymore, but you’re not in Watts either. Chill.

    I love me some shrimp, but otherwise I only like seafood restaurants for the hushpuppies. (You shut up, northerners. You don’t know what you’re missing. I was once teased by a waitress in Mystic, Connecticut for asking for hushpuppies. It is your loss, people.)

    It looks rather complicated, and the zucchini comes in there somewhere but I’m not entirely sure how that works and I doubt any of you were ready to reenact it based on my directions so screw it.

    Note: this is more than I’ve ever used the word “squid” in ANY conversation, including my college drug-experimentation days.

    Dewberry says it was “amazing” to get to know Ramsay better, and my brain neurons start firing confusedly – it sounds like he’s on a dating show, but it sure doesn’t look it.

    “You stand there like a man, and you sweat, and you get on with it, and you feed those people,” he says, in a manner that suggests he’s standing in a battle trench pepping people to go die for their country, instead of for the squid.

    He’s throwing these people into the deep end. It’s like training someone to be a Marine by showing them how to shoot but not how to load the gun.

    Oh, wait, a customer thinks HE knows! By virtue of … a doctorate in music education, he thinks he knows more than Jean Philippe about California law. Because obviously a doctorate in music education makes him all-knowing. He must have minored in Being a Prick.

    Once again, he shuts down the kitchen before all the food has been served. (Is this going to be, like, every week? As a plot device, it might get old.)

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    Brilliant recap, Lucy-Lou.
    "Among the blind, the squinter rules." ~ Gerard Didier Erasmus

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    great recap. i missed the last half of the show.

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    Loved it! You captured Ramsay and Dew perfectly. Thanks for the great recap!

    *runs off for some hushpuppies
    You got to cry without weeping. Talk without speaking. Scream without raising your voice.- U2

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