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Thread: 5/30 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    I liked the show for the most part, however, I felt myself getting really stressed out by the whole thing. That is due to the fact that I spent many years as a food server, and his show brought back many of the nightmares I used to have (and occasionally still do)
    I didn't like the way they opened the restaurant right away- it would have been better to have a kitchen training session first (but it wouldn't have been as dramatic- I know ) I also agree the customers were not *real* customers because no one I know would ever wait two hours for food, go into the kitchen area and *speak* to the chef, or take the news of the kitchen closing before a meal was served with a smile. That's actually okay with me because I could actually sort of relax and realize they knew what they were getting into beforehand.
    I don't know where they got these participants either. I expected more *chefs*- not ordinary people who want to run their own restaurant. I think it would have been a lot more interesting to have them all highly skilled chefs competing- not the Dewberry's and the Carolanns-
    Ramsey and his attitude didn't bother me much- maybe because of my restaurant background and knowing how stressful it gets in the kitchen (and how hard it is working with incompetance ). I actually respect him and his attitude about how the food should be prepared and presented. I don't like how he treats the contestants, but it's showbiz I guess.

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    I have really enjoyed reading through all your comments and some of them really made me laugh.

    It sounds like it is following the British version from your descriptions. If it is, do not worry, the customers do not pay anything and are invited to take part. Many times here, people didn't get fed either. It does get better and by show 2 or 3 Gordon will be praising them when they do well and the customers are happy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Texicana
    I would kill to eat at one of his establishments! If anyone ever wants a glimpse to what real chefs are like, read Anthony Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential.
    I second the recommendation of Kitchen Confidential. I haven't seen Hell's Kitchen yet, am happy that they're replaying the first couple of episodes.

    Reading about Ramsey in this thread had me considering that he was over the top, but compare his histronics with the scenes that Bourdain described in his book and the overall picture seems to balance out. Instead of getting abuse from an entire kitchen and related staff, these newcomers are simply getting it all from one source, Ramsey.

    I've been catching a show now and again lately on PBS called Cooking Under Fire (who'd of thought PBS would go the Reality TV route?), and not all that surprisingly its a validating and even measured experience even for those being ousted. I've been thinking about a profanity spewing Ramsey type chef-judge showing up ever since I saw this thread. I'd never heard of Ramsey before.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill
    I think he is just doing the classic "boot camp" tactic of tearing em down to an equally low level and then build up the ones who survive it. I imagine once you have his trust, he is probably a great boss, but woe be the process to get there.
    That was my take, too. If he doesn't lighten up eventually, though, I'm going to change my appraisal of him.

    This whole mythology that kitchens are supposed to be hellholes, and that chefs are supposed to be abusive is BS, though. It's standard in the industry (yes, I'm a veteran) not because it's necessary, but because it's always been accepted.

    I remember working for one boss who targeted a different server every day. He watched them like a hawk, relentlessly nitpicked. He spent so much time criticizing that he actually got in the way of the people doing their job.

    He set is sights on me one day, so I stepped up the hustle, thinking if I did everything fast, efficiently and perfectly I'd be safe. Fat chance. He started humiliating me in front of a family friend who had come in for lunch.

    After working in similar restaurants for similar jerks, I'd had enough. I told him if he didn't stop talking to me like that I was quitting.
    He said, "If you don't like it here, then leave!"
    I said, "Fine."
    He said, "You're leaving in the middle of lunch?"


    A friend just opened a restaurant in Washington and boasts that her kitchen is an "abuse-free zone."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pomeraniac
    And speaking of "Hell," where the Hell is Qboots tonight???
    I was too busy to be here, but I did tape the show, and found it enjoyable. So, if it hasn't been cancelled by next week, I'll try to be here.

    And I like Dewberry. His accent is cute.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PhoneGrrrl
    I doubt his motivation is necessarily to make Americans look foolish. Have you ever seen his show "Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares" ? It was a 6 episode shot, airing here on BBC America, and each week was set in a different restaurant that, by location, ambiance, etc. should be doing o.k. but was, in fact, horrible. He puts the kitchen folks through hell...kind of like Supernanny, really...but with much more swearing. The whole thing was done in Britain, and, let me assure you, those people looked damned foolish.
    Good point, I stand corrected.

    Ramsay's attitude is horrible and I won't be watching any more episodes. He could inspire the others and not personally insult and belittle them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qboots
    And I like Dewberry. His accent is cute.
    Well it looks like you'll be gettin' more of yer dewberry!
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    You guys are all soooo funny. I watched Hell's Kitchen, but I am on Arizona time, which means no one sees this show when I do. Since I learned "tool" on this website months ago, may I assume that "plank" and "tool" can be used interchangably? And I really thought "boff" had something to do with sex. William, I agree that the contestants look only remotely familiar with a kitchen, so there must have been an effort to cast at least a few misfits. Lastly, I am sure the customers were getting free food, if any...

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    Is it just me or are these people relatively plain? I don't seem to like anyone but Elsie and thats likely because she is just nervous or something... she reminds me of my mom i think, she'd near crap herself like Elsie did in the same situation.. And Mr Ramsey is a little over the top for me... Why are all English people on TV evil? While I love Anne Robinson, her and people like Simon Cowell, the Forever Eden Lady, etc all are put on to be that either sneaky meanness or outright rude factor and all with that "tell it exactly how it is" attitude that I also have... I guess english people aren't interesting on TV if they aren't mean to people? *shrug*
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    After a full day of dealing with two young children, the last thing I want is to hear a screaming adult. I will pass on this show.

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