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Thread: Gordon Ramsay, Head Chef

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    Hehehe. I love him. I've worked for years in kitchens and it can be like that! Especially at my most recent job *sigh* I worked there right up untill last week. I'm now wayy too close to due date to be that many hours in that kinda heat. Watching the show made me miss working tho. When someone just stands around and doesn't pull weight it can F the whole system. While I was watching I was thinking "you tell em! give em an inch now and they'll take a mile later" I think that yeah he's harsh, but it's like the "breaking" phase.

    It's hard to teach people to do things correctly when they are already programmed to do things a different way. It almost always leads to a "but I did it this way" blah blah blah. *Mr Executive Chef* or "Who is this guy to tell ME what to do?" Who is he? He's the guy who Might just GIVE you a restaurant.. if you survive. That IS what you signed up for isnt it? I think that is why he was nicer to the 2 people who admitted to having Zero experience. No pretentiousness. UG I'm Rambling.
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    I gotta respect the guy.

    Telling those blonde bimbos off was hilarious.

    A man that speaks the truth!!!

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    He doesn't bug me at all, actually I find him funny. I can only WISH to be able to talk to my co-workers like that. :::sigh:::
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    Am I the only poster here who has the feeling that I have seen Chef Ramsey in an informercial? I cannot for the life of me think of what the product was, but I swear I have seen his mug plugging for some $39.95 product on a 1/2 hour long commercial. Am I just imagining things?
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    I don't know exactly what I'd expected to see, but Ramsay as shown I have no problem with. He expects people to jump when directed and to learn the first time something is conveyed.

    I believe I've worked with his kin in the past, or supervisors with similar traits. Reading a few books on what is entailed in running a restaurant, as well as how things can and do go wrong all at the same time makes me believe Ramsay is simply giving an accelerated course on facing reality. He could hold hands, stroke backs and egos while sweet talking, but that would just make the process take much longer to master.

    My favorite part of the show so far is the ration of verbal crud he's all too willing to dish out for those customers in desparate need of hearing it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogbat
    Beyond Boiling point is not on BBCA as far as I can see on my Tivo. What night is it on? Ramseys Kitchen Nightmares is on Tuesday nights.

    I think this guy is a jerk, as well.
    I saw it last week sometime, maybe that's all the showings they have scheduled right now. If you check back with Tivo in a week or two, maybe the reruns will be scheduled again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Texicana
    Tight.Black.Brief.Clad.Chef... amen
    Gets my "Boiling Point" up.

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    I could not last five seconds working for this man. How the contestants made it past the first show, I'll never know, but major props to 'em for hanging in there.

    That said, I'll have to give Ramsay props for his Michelin stars. A**H*** he may be, but facts are facts, you don't get those by not having SOMETHING on the ball.

    Also, I have to admit that I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it when he chews out the customers.

    Anybody who's ever been in any kind of public service must be standing and cheering for him when they watch him do that.

    I know I am!
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    I really don't know if this ones going to make it thru the season.
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    He's a d***, but an entertaining one. Ah, what a giddy feeling of freedom it must be to be able to say f*** you to your customers - I can only dream of having that same opportunity one day.
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