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Thread: 11/11 HK 16 Show Discussion

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    11/11 HK 16 Show Discussion

    I'm not sure why a thread wasn't started? But man that episode was crazy!!! Poor Koop I thought he was gonna faint after cutting his finger and just blanking out like that! I was proud of Wendy for making a comback with her fish dish winning the women a reward finally, but how crazy it was that Wendy landed in the bottom 2 with Shaina. I think Shaina really lucked out on that one she was a hot mess, I thought both women were leaving but Ramsay shuffled the teams? Wendy and Shaina to the blue team and Matt and Andrew to the Red Team wow next week is gonna be a hot mess Also one more thing can I just say I CANNOT STAND Kimberly my god she just never shuts up someone needs to put some duct tape over her mouth! I really hope she doesn't win ugh

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    Re: 11/11 HK 16 Show Discussion

    I wish that Andrew's fiancÚ could have seen his behavior before they got married. Pretty sure this was filmed before that. Hopefully, she saw it when it aired. Shaina should have been long gone. Why is she still there? Kim may yack a lot but she can cook, too. Can't believe Wendy is gone. I wonder why she messed up her fish like that? Glad the women finally won a challenge again.
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