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Thread: 11/4 HK 16 Show Discussion

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    11/4 HK 16 Show Discussion

    Tonight: The remaining contestants use cookbooks from Gordon's library to spell out the ingredients they want to use for their next challenge.

    It was me. I let the dogs out.

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    Re: 11/4 HK 16 Show Discussion

    What can you say? Both teams sucked, but, in order to even up the sides, Ramsay sent home a female. A female not involved in the drama.

    Why do they do a kid's night with all the swearing and yelling? Anyway, if I weren't already over these jerks, I'd be over them now. Doesn't mean I won't watch next week, though.
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    Re: 11/4 HK 16 Show Discussion

    They should've sent home Shaina. Everyone who was nominated only made 1 or 2 mistakes, that definitely doesn't outweigh her refusing to do work on punishments.
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    Re: 11/4 HK 16 Show Discussion

    Yep, Shaina should have gone home. She was really pissing me off when they were prepping for dinner. Why did no one say anything? I wish more people participated here like they are in the pool. Seems like hardly anyone is watching.
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    Re: 11/4 HK 16 Show Discussion

    I've been out of town for 2 weeks so I just caught up and watched this episode tonight.

    Aziza went out with class. She's the first one who told the other contestants "Good luck!" on the way out...
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