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Thread: Ben - Season 5

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    Ben - Season 5


    Hometown: Chicago, IL

    Age: 26

    Occupation: Executive Sous Chef


    ٭ Club Chef, Club at Symphony Center
    ٭ Sous Chef, Rhapsody Restaurant
    ٭ Executive Sous Chef, Bistro 110
    ٭ Chef De Cuisine, Holly's American Bistro
    ٭ Head Chef, Diversey Yacht Club

    Kitchen Experience: 8 1/2 years

    Culinary School: Kendall College

    Food comes first and foremost in the life of this native Chicagoan. Ben is the self-proclaimed "hoss" in the kitchen- a real workhorse. A former boarding school kid, Ben has developed a successful career involving his passion: food. Ben lights up when in the kitchen and demands excellence from himself and those around him. If his co-workers cannot handle the pressure of the kitchen, he will tell them to go back to Denny's. Ben expects to excel in Hell's Kitchen.

    FOX Broadcasting Company: Hell's Kitchen
    "Among the blind, the squinter rules." ~ Gerard Didier Erasmus

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    Re: Ben - Season 5

    this guy refers to himself as Hoss and intends to tell other chefs to "go back to Denny's"? Sounds like he could be a jerk.
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    Re: Ben - Season 5

    Quote Originally Posted by LG.;3279615;
    this guy refers to himself as Hoss and intends to tell other chefs to "go back to Denny's"? Sounds like he could be a jerk.
    Maybe but he's made it to final four. Should be interesting to see who goes home tonight, I voted Adnrea.

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    Re: Ben - Season 5

    I'm so glad it was this egotistical jerk.

    "But I don't work on the line"... seriously? Awful.

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