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Thread: Did YOU call your mother names like Gotti boys obviously do?

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    Agreed..It's no editing job. Those kids have 0 respect for their mother. I feel that a child/teen need not be beaten to a pulp to secure compliance and respect. For sure, I'm against this once they get older because it can get volatile.

    However,...back in the day respect meant "fear of God" along with a swift kick in the pants IF we lost enough of our sanity to mouth off. Victoria has it right. "You'd get away with it ONLY once." In my family, the elders seem to be able to read when he were at least thinking about mouthing off..based on our facial expression and body language. Rolling of the eyes, sighing, sucking or teeth, turning our back all were considered extreme forms of disrespect.

    However, getting to that point where a child has UNIVERSAL not selective respect for their elders comes only through the work of parents (single or together) "from the cradle," The pool man and blind date were all dissed by them as well.

    This is not to say that teens should have to walk around with tape on their mouths. They need to assert themselves to develop their own independence, and YES even disagree with their parents, since they shouldn't be clones of their parents. However, it's the manner in which they show their disagreement. What is this storming out of the house business? If Carmine storms out of the house, then he ought to have somewhere to go...like his own pad where he pays the rent Overall, they are just spoiled and over indulged, plain and simple.

    Victoria is too wishy washy as a parent, no follow through. She acted as though it was her decision that Carmine wouldn't be going to the prom. Folks he decided not to go and she attempted to take credit for being a "tough parent." Remember he kicked her out of his room. Imagine that! It's unbelievable!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tropicalbliss08
    As much as I love the show, I am quite surprised with how the brothers talk to eachother and their mother. They are extremely disrespectful. I feel really bad for Victoria having to deal with her three sons. As much as she tries it seems like she can't get them under control. I think she could sure use a vacation.
    Point blank, the kids are Punks. They think the're so bad. Why? Becuase they think no one can touch them. Why? Because they know if anyone causes them problems. They can run to their dead Grndpa's bud's and the problem will be handled.

    I said it once, I'll say it again. They are destend for a life in the Under World....They will never be upstanding citizens, they will always be punks. Just like their Grndpa was....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Biggyrat
    I said it once, I'll say it again. They are destend for a life in the Under World....They will never be upstanding citizens, they will always be punks. Just like their Grndpa was....
    So punks get into Harvard and aspire to go to NYU and get straight As? Every parent should and probably does have hopes that their child will apire to be better than them and provide a better lifestyle than they did. Unless we would all be living in mud huts and there wouldnt be schools.

    Yes their behaviour towards their mom isnt exactly the norm but its inflated because there are cameras around. They take 48 hours and make it 30 minutes, they can only use the highlights of those 48 hours. Obviously A&E will use the more rough clips in the same way Newlyweds uses all of Jessica Simpsons 'blonde' moments.

    For gaby i didnt say it to be offenseful or disrespectful. I said that because its the reason why kids hear "Back in my day" and they squirm. Times have changed. Theres more killers now, more harvard graduates, more crime, more money. To be honest if you arent Asmish, i cant think of any society who hasnt changed the way it brings up it's kids... Your great great great great grandmother might be in shock that you even have a job. Because way back thats just not how they were raised.

    I feel that you guys dislike how Vic has brought up her kids but thats by choice. Some peoples parents sit them down at age 13 and give them a box of condoms and say "Protect yourself" while others say "If you ever have sex before you marry, you will be punished." Its upbringing and people can do so in different ways. I said in my other post, Victoria acknowledges this and says thats why she brings Pete around so much. Unfortunately he doesnt live there because if he did, they wouldnt act up as much.

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    Hell no. I was not allowed to talk like that to anyone,let alone my mother. I knew better. It's hard for me to watch them run over Victoria with such a lack of respect.

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    Yea, in the heat of an argument I do. I mean, I honestly didn't think they were that bad. When you're arguing, you say things that you don't mean. My mom reacts exactly the way Victoria did.

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    Did YOU call your mother names like Gotti boys obviously do?
    Actually the gotti boys DON'T obvious do. In fact I would like to suggest to you to take a look back at previous episodes and show me one instance they address Vic other than the name of "mom" or "mother" or "ma"

    Their behaviour might be outrageously naughty and childish but they do love their mother and they do respect her in the sense that they wouldn't go overboard to hurt her in any shape or form.

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    i think boys will be boys, they do scream a lot though

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    There is no way I would ever have called my mom names. Heck, I still wouldn't. She would have slapped me.
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    As I said in another thread, these boys are nothin' but thugs. I doubt they will ever be any better than a group of ""goodfellas". The question I have is, what do they do about it now? Those boys will never change. It's sad, but at the same time, it doesn't seem to bother any of them.....

    However, if I called my mom ANY name ever, someone best be writing my epitaph. And the same goes for my kids. It's never been an issue with us, I don't know if it's even been discussed. I suspect my girls cuss like sailors - but not around their mom.

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    Carmines gurl12
    What do you expect!! They are teenagers!! It's what all teenagers do!!

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