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Thread: A question for those who think AE is wrong for this show

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    Well..this is somewhat a "boring debate" because there are so many reasons to agree to disagree, both sides are actually true in many respects.

    I'll watch it cause I really don't care... I've sat and watched documentaries about murderers, rapists, books about'm, etc.. the money that I "put" into reading and watching those go (for the most part) to the murderer, rapist, etc.. (they get some residuals for interviews, or even a flat agreement to $$) Hell, there's even websites that murderers are running and people regularly visit them.

    So many people watch all kinds of shows and don't even blink an eye in regards to where the funds are going. Now we have a reality show that has descendants of a murderer...lets all start bitching. I suggest everyone look into the background of every actor/actress/singer/sports figure/politician/neighbor/co-worker/etc that you like. You may be surprised.

    IMO, Victoria is already rich, whether it be from selling gerbil shiat or from an inheritance... who farking cares, she's already isn't as if this show is going to catapult her into another tax bracket cause we're watching.

    The only thing that I have said about the show, is that I really believe that her father would be ashamed of her for doing it in the first place.

    That there is my cheap .02 cents on the topic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by goldilocks
    yeah but her husband did kill anyone, etc. he's in there for stuff relating to taxes. But i mean really if your so offended by the show don't watch it, and why would you come to a forum totally about the show, register then come and talk to people here who dont really care what you say because they like the show? Your not gonna change anyone's opinion, wheather you are trying to or not. You talk about how Vic act like it's all in the past, what do you want her to do state at the begining of every show "i'm sorry for whoever my father hurt or killed", I mean why are you judging her on what her father did, on the gotti name, she's not trying to cash in on the gotti name she's trying to show people like you that she not apart of that, themob has nothing to do with her, i mean all her life people have thrown all these names at her for being john gotti's daughter. What would you do if you were his daughter and all your life people see you not as you but as this mob princess? Wouldnt you want to prove them wrong? It's people like you that make her want to pronve herself to the world.
    I actually don't watch this show, like I said I was interested in talking about it from what I heard about it on 20/20. And no I didn't register specifically to watch this show, and no I'm not trying to change anyone's opinions on this show-- simply stating my own opinion.

    You asked if I would like her to apologize for her dad's actions, no because it's not her fault what he did and 'sorry' never helped anyone ever in any case. On the other hand, yes I wouldn't want her to appear on tv, getting paid for the hurt of others. And if I was in her situation, I most certainly wouldn't try and appear on any show, much less a reality show. I would continue with my life, trying to raise my kids, and writing, or whatever ti is she does. Also to get people to see her as her she simply has to achieve something. She's a writer I understand how about writing an amazing book? How about acting in a play and winning a Tony? Or earn the Nobel Peace Prize? That would certainly help their family's rep, wouldn't it?? Starting her own corporation, running a buisness, designing handbags even would make her her own person. These are things that would actually be of some substance and really show the world she isn't a mafia princess. Appearing on a reality show with no claim to fame other than the Gotti name, that is built on drugs and pain, doesn't show she's her own person. At least not to me, to me it shows that she thinks it's ok to exploit her dad's "job" for her own purposes.
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    Ok lets state some stuff and please read each line..

    Carmine Agnello (Victoria's EX, the father of her 3 boys) was jailed for issues with money (tax evasion) and the government. He was trying to monopolize the scrap metal business which was a $30M a year business for him. All in all they tried and tried to tie him to John Gotti's mob dealings but they were unsuccessfull in doing so. When they arrested him they froze all his acocunts and went in to seize the house that you see on the show because they weren't sure how he was funding it. So Carmine bought that house, NOT John Gotti. Carmine funded their lifestyle, not John. So there goes the idea shes spending her fathers money because she isnt. It was when word got out that he was cheating on Victoria with more than one of his employees that Victoria filed for divorce and put an end to their 15 year old marriage. When they divorced in 2001, Vic was getting like $20K a month child support and maybe alimony..she then went to try and get it increased.

    So tell me if shes living off the life of her father..why would she want to up child support? That house she has, was bought by her husband. The government seized anything of worth that John Gotti owned. Including any money that was going to his children. So now that her husband is in jail, shes paying for everything. So she needs to have a job. When John Gotti went down, the entire Gotti family was investigated and i think up to like 12 or so of them were arrested. Victoria wasn't one of them. The boys weren't. And some of their older cousins were taken also.

    So after all this woman has been through, you dont think she deserves something? If anything her life was ruined twice and she STILL bounced back. I dont know any other woman in this world who has done such a thing when two leading men in her life pretty much ripped her world apart to the extent her father and husband's dealings did. Give her credit for something, she isnt the anti-Christ in all of this. She is picking up the pieces and trying to break the stigma that because her last name is Gotti she too is carrying on the family tradition. The new boss of the Gambino family mob dealings isnt even part of the Gotti/Agnello family.. his name is Arnold "Zeke" Squitieri and he lives in NJ.

    To Alanna, there isn't anything Victoria can do that makes money that wouldn't be seen as using her Gotti name. So the suggestions you gave were irrelevant. Unless she gets a new last name and disowns all connections to the Gotti name she wont ever get away from people saying shes making money off the family name. But reality is this... She's a Gotti. She was born as John Gotti's daughter, will live as John Gotti's daughter and will die as John Gotti's daughter. I am laughing so hard at your comment about her winning awards. The heat she'd get from winning them would be much larger than what this show creates. The daughter of a crime lord winning a Nobel Prize? Yeah and maybe Mother Theresa should have won an Oscar. She wont' be winning awards because of the closed minded fact that she is John Gotti's daughter. A curse it seems she has to live with forever

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    I'm closing this thread before I end up banning several members. And while we ponder the fate of this forum.

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