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Thread: A&E has hit an all time low on the "Gotti" show

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    I have yet to watch the show but I am anxious to get a taste of it.
    Yes Victoria's last name is Gotti, yeah so what. If she was ashamed and wanted to not associate w/ the name she would have changed it years ago...

    The Fox station here in SF did an interview w/ her and kept tossing in MAFIA in the conversation. I was thinking, did'nt she make it clear to the interviewer? I could tell she was getting annoyed by then. :phhht

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    no patience, I don't have time for, I'm not in the mood/ NONE. not fair.

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    Victoria disvorced her husband and theres a reason for that. If she wanted to maintain that lavish lifestyle she would stay with him and not have a JOB. She said "He buys them presents but where is he when tuition is due, where is he when food is to be put on the table." If Vic didnt have a job i would agree with all of this. But Star magazine has come out to say that Victoria is responsible for many of their cover storys. Thats big money because those magazines sell like crazy.
    Vic gets pissed when people bring up things she doesnt agree on. EG The Mafia. Shes stressed this 100+ times, she is not a part of the mafia and neither are her kids.
    I only agree with your question about her not knowing anything about the mafia. Im sure she knows but yet on the other hand, he is her father and thats a part of her life she cares a lot for. I know i cant disown the father i knew for the people the world might know him as.

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    BiggyRat, first off, you couldn't be more wrong. Victoria is a published author, and has plenty of her own, "undiluted" money. She's also the editor of a very popular magazine.

    Second, you can discuss the show, as you said - but when you start getting pissy with other members in this forum, that's where I draw the line. Any further argument over another opinion (where it comes off like yours is more "correct") will result in the standard response, which is a ban from the site. And THAT'S in the rules.

    I've said my piece, the rest is up to y'all, but I've about had it with this line of discussion.

    Watch the show, don't watch the show. The power is in your hands.

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    I find it funny that no matter what show comes out there is always one thread in any forum that says "____ has hit an all time low."

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    I don't think A&E has hit an all time low with this show. It's not like they show Victoria making out with animals...(although,I would prob watch that too. I'm kidding.) I was impressed that Victoria would have the 'ovaries' to show her family,good and bad (mostly bad,those boys of hers need a whuppin').

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    John Gotti was a cold blooded ruthless murderer. He was scum of the Earth. His family should be social pariah, not glamorized on TV. Gotti's daughter has obviously benefited from the wealth of her father. That's organized crime money. Money that is tainted with the blood of dozens of Gotti victims. The Gotti family should be stripped of their wealth and sent packing to the welfare lines!

    I am outraged that A&E would put such a program on the air. I've always thought A&E was of a better class of programming. I say they should leave this kind of trash to the likes of Jerry Springer. And from what I've seen in the promos that family is trash!

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    How can I post to this thread but the thread title does not show on the forum...hmmmmm...somethin looks fishy to me....

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