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Thread: You've 'Gotti' Be Kidding

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    Quote Originally Posted by dagwood
    I tried to watch it and couldn't stand it. I wanted to smack the heck out of her boys for being such disrespectful little twerps and I wanted to tell her she tans too much. Her face looks wrong. Plus she needs a haircut...I just don't think her hair looks good on her. Maybe if she got it thinned. I know, it's all superficial but it bugged me. :phhht

    I will stick with Spegs recaps.

    It amazes me the way they talk to her.

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    JMO . . .

    Seems to me like Victoria is caught in a "damned if ya do, damned if ya don't" vortex.


    No, I wasn't thrilled either when the show started and she came across with the line about prejudging and/or being prejudged. I was thinking: "Lady, gimme a break!"

    Then, later on at the date with Baldy? What does he do? Prejudges her because of her last name and thinks it's ok to insult her. He also honestly thinks that she's stupid enough to where he can say those things to her and she's either not going to pick up on the insults, or call him on them, whatever.

    Then, when she'd decided she'd had enough of his rudeness, she basically verbally kicked him in the crotch with her pointy-toed shoes. And she wasn't loud about it, didn't swear, didn't make an ass of herself. She just put him in his place.

    And I noticed, Baldy had absolutely NOTHING to say. NOTHING. After a steady stream of baiting and insulting her for --- at least --- the parts of the date that we were shown.

    I absolutely LOVED it!

    No, "Growing Up Gotti" ain't what I would call great TV. But I have to admit, after watching the first three episodes, I like Vic and will tune in to see who else she disembowels.

    Now, if only she'd take a two-by-four to her boys!

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    I liked the show, too. But the hair has got to go. Blech. The way those boys treat their mother is completely unacceptable. They are just thugs. I'm not knowledgeable in that lifestyle, but I have always been under the assumption that respect for your mother is your first priority. Obviously you check any respect toward her at the door.

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