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Thread: 8/2 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    she's obviously had her nose done and her facial surface looks a little plastic but she is a good looking woman .. It's my opinion that the longest layer of her hair at the back is extentions. It just doesnt look right
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    Ugh, I did not like any of these cretins. The mother was not only physical PSA against plastic surgery. Adn was rather ugly inside as well. Yeah the guy she went on the date with was no prize but she was determined to trip him up somehow. No class or style. And then the bit with the pool man. Clearly she has learned that setting yourself up for criticism, even thinly implied criticism then gives you the right to tear someone a new one. Horrid woman. And her back and forth with the kids, it is no wonder they are such monsters. No should mean no. Not no now, wait five minutes, give in, take it back, give in some more, take it back, give halfway, take it all back... I think she loves to have drama just as much as the boys do she feeds them just as she feeds the poor pool guy the line about gaining weight and then goes Gotti on his tuckus for him agreeing with her.

    And calling in the uncle, then having a screaming fit over the fact they only listen to him? She might like to blame absent ex-hubby for making her the badguy in the relationship, but she does the exact same thing!

    Those hair extensions when she goes to the kid's door were looking waaay fugly.

    The funniest thing was the woman sitting there just listening to her and looking completely glazed over during the whole prom rant. Reminded me of the stereotypical maid on half the sitcoms that does not speak a word of english and the spoiled employer just yammers on and on as if they do. Think Arrested Development.

    Last, but hardly least, the reaction Gotti-beast senior had to the Mother's Day breakfast put on by the beasties was downright chilling. Any woman that takes on one of her spawn has a real monster to deal with.

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    what rude brats, yet funny to watch

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    I am appauled that A&E would show a program that glorifies the family a Mafia Murder Like John Gotti. I am total against its airing. And I will not watch any A&E programs as long as you are glorifiing the showing of this murderous family name......I am not saying his daughter has anything to do with what J.Gotti did. But to show his picture and glorify is name in the show is WAY OUT OF BOUNCE!!!!!!!!!!

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    As for prejudging, I expected to see a bunch of horrible, spoiled people and I wasn't surprised when they lived down to my expectations.

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    I liked Luigi's very technical way of quoting a price - $12,000, then when the water is too dirty, it's $15,000, then when Victoria brings up her "head of the family" brother, that price sure dropped down! Hysterical. For someone who claims she's not "connected" she sure knows how to name drop!
    The house is a mess - the pool, the guest house. I thought it was funny that she mentions the 42 cameras that don't miss an angle - but somehow a keg party got held in the guest house? And it looked wrecked to boot.
    The kids are bananas - you need subtitles for every word out of their mouths. What language are they speaking? Plus, she has absolutely no control over them.

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    I think their uncle salvaged them a bit....allowed them to demonstrate that they DO have some well-placed listening skills. Notice that they dare NOT mouth off at him. They just need to demonstrate this to their mother. I think she gives them (or allows them) to have expensive items just so she can assert power by taking them away when she's displeased with them. She doesn't seem to have any other influence over their behavior, and certainly no other parental authority.

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    As endearing as I sometimes found her, she is the poster-child for mixed-signal parenting skills. It's no wonder her kids are totally out of control. My theory is make a rule and stick by it....end of story. It saves so much time.

    I am really having a hard time grappling with the honors GPA boys and the boys in action. I have trouble picturing them hitting the books long enough to warrant C's, let alone A's. Could there be a few toadies knocking nerds' heads together, doing the work for them, I wonder......hmmmmmm. Or maybe they don't even need to go that far, maybe a simple, "need I remind you of my last name" suffices.....
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    No families are perfect, in fact I would find a Brady Bunch type boring. With that, I'm definitely watching the show again. I find the narration, editing, and focus interesting as well.

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