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Thread: 8/2 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    She needs to take her boys out back with a two-by-four.

    Oddly enough, I found myself liking Victoria.

    I'll most likely tune in next week.
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    This show is just further proof that money doesn't buy class. I won't be watching any more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gaby
    I really liked Victoria... and I just cracked up when she offered that limo driver cash to roll her date out into a ditch. LOL!!! The date was a joke... and seemed a little condensending towards her... for no reason at all. I found her to be very gracious... till he p*ssed her off.

    But that matchmaker was a joke. I hate to think that "Professional Matchmaker" considers herself a decent judge of character.

    Those children of Victoria's, are so disrespectful to her. Makes you wonder how her husband treated her for her own children to think its okay to be that hateful to her in front of everyone. You think her brother Peter would step in and kncok some heads around for that ugly behavior towards Victoria.
    A big to everything you said gaby.

    I was surprised how much I liked Victoria. I thought she would come off very snobby, but instead she came off very likeable.

    I kept wondering about that pool. Whenever they went to a commercial they showed an arial shot of the house and the pool was always filled, for some reason that just annoyed me.

    I will definetly be tuning in next week.

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    ...........I enjoyed "Growing Up Gotti"......good for you Victoria .....have to be a Mom of teenage boys to know how it feels when parents are separated and one parent decides to play
    Good Cop leaving us stuck in the Bad Cop shop !!!

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    I agree with AIWANNABE and Gaby. I saw Victoria on a brief interview during a morning news show about a week ago. I liked her then but, didn't know if I would still like her after the show aired. Thus far, I do like her.

    She reminds me of a friend of mine and so far those boys remind me of other teen brats.

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    This show was great. The kids left me horrified, but like many, I was really surprised how much I liked Victoria! God Bless her for dealing with that.....
    The pool was really, really gross though...........I'll be back for this next week for sure.

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    I'll be watching next week too.

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    Words of wisdom to Victoria:
    * Cut your hair - you are a grown woman, you will never be twenty again and it is not flattering - you could be quite stunning otherwise
    * Do society a favor and lock up those kids of yours - they are like a pack of dogs running around your house

    Rough show to watch - I wasn't sure if I was watching an episode of COPS or a reality show.

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    I was very surprised that I liked Victoria - she was not the loud obnoxious screecher that I was expecting. I liked her voice overs too and the fact that she knew her family and their reactions so well.
    She was OTT at home but when we saw her at work she was 'toned down' her makeup, her voice and her overall demeanor. I'll watch again next week .. actually I've only seen the first show the other one is on tape and I'll watch it in about 30 mins
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    I think hair that long is unusual. However, it seems to be in good condition and it might be part of a signature look for her (like Crystal Gayle had) for now.

    She has very nice facial features that might be more noticeable without the very long hair.

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