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Thread: Frank

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    2 pin0yb0y.........

    umm he can b smart n he can b hot!!!!!!! he can be rich but that dont mean he iz spoiled!!!! u got sumthin else 2 say?

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    franks hotttt

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    frankie is soo hot how can u guyz say he was picking his nose?!? who carez he iz hot n he hada tissue he was sick!! i hope frank readz thiz cuz i am the gottiz numba 1 fan well 2 frankie i am 13 n in luv with him!!! lol!!!! egli bello io amore egli molto!!! im italian 2!!

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    I was watching him and he's 14?!?!?!? He must be big boned for his age..... He looks more 16 as I was watching him in 2 episodes....
    And him yelling at the mother? Not kewl.......

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    ..Am I the only one in here who thinks Frankie is the best looking one? (Not in that picture, really, but just in general.) I don't know, maybe it's because I'm 14, too..? Or maybe it's because he's not orange, his hair isn't greased, and his eyebrows aren't...waxed.

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    i'm pretty sure his birthdays in april. i remember going to birthday partys at his house in the spring (we grew up together)

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    He is really cute. He looks alot older than his age. He also appears to be really sensitive. He was really upset about his mom going on a date, and he seemed to be the one that actually cared that it was mothers day.

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    it would be cool if people stop lying that they know them and stuff like that

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    Go Rebecca kiki_687's Avatar
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    Haha, this forum is so much different than other ones. Over on the America's Next Top Model forum people are saying they are people's moms and brothers and such and it is way over the top and people believe them, and then the people here are so skeptical over someone who says that they once associated with the boys. It's funny.

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    Frank is cool. I think he's really cute too. But he reminds me of a guy I know who's name happens to be Frank also, so that kind of freaks me out.

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