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Thread: A&E plans reality series around the Gotti mafia family

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    A&E plans reality series around the Gotti mafia family

    Victoria Gotti Gets Reality TV Show

    Wednesday March 24, 2004 5:58pm

    NEW YORK (AP) - Mob daughter and author Victoria Gotti, described as a cross between Carmela Soprano and Danielle Steele, will be the subject of a new TV series on the A&E Network.

    The cable channel said Wednesday it was beginning production on "Growing Up Gotti," a new TV series featuring the daughter of the late mob boss John Gotti.

    Victoria Gotti and her three sons "will form the unpredictable, sometimes humorous and often startling centerpiece to the series," A&E said.

    "We are thrilled to get this unbelievable access to the intimate life of a very public person and that of her family," said Robert Debitetto, A&E's senior vice president of programming.

    No air date has been given for the series.

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    Am I getting old when I start thinking that a major ethical line has been crossed when a family who's fortune is built on blood and drugs gets rewarded with MORE money to do a reality show? Or even if A&E pays badly, some free P.R.?

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    I also kinda find this in bad taste. I think that there are way too many people glamourizing organized crime. While they weren't directly resonsible for any criminal activity, they most certainly have already benefited from it. I don't think that they should become celebrities because of it. I won't be watching.
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    I'm sure the whole draw to this show is that it's like real life Sopranos but seriously watching a ficticious show and watching real life are 2 separate things. Then again, people will probably complain if the Gotti show isn't real enough.

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    I was watching previews of the show on the website....

    Oh gawd what whiney S.O.B.s they are.... :phhht

    I sooo agree w/ what the mother says about the boyz about bumping them off...

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    In all honesty, I was surprised that A&E would be putting this on. Seems more like a FOX thing to me. I kind of had that cringing feeling when I realized it was A&E, like when you think about your parents in bed together aaccckkkkk....now can't get that image out of my head!
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    Okie, in my earlier post I said that I thought the draw to watching the show was because of the Sopranos. Today on my way to work I heard a radio advertisement for this show and Victoria Gotti said she's so sick of being compared to that show and she didn't sound happy.

    I would like to recant my previous statement and I'm certain people want to watch the show for it's entertainment value. Honest.

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    i was watching the previews and it looks good

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    Other than the obvious connection to the Mob (via family) it also seems like a show about a working, single woman who has challenges raising three teen boys and how those boys try every angle to do what they want.

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    I am totally outraged that A&E would glorify a murderous Mafia Family like John Gotti....This is a new low for TV....

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