I really have enjoyed this show and watch it with my 12 year old daughter. She really got a kick out of the little Favery girl!! Last night was a classic!! Mr. Favery and his facial expressions are a hoot!! I really miss the adorable little Rico boy....soooo cute. I love Silvio and family..they are so real for New Yorkers...loud and over the top, they really make the show entertaining. The balloon scene was great...who is going to make the macaroni??? Love it!!!!!!!!!! The Montgomery's and Pollards seem like fun families too. Was very impressed with Mr. Montgomery and his interactions with his children...seems like a great Dad. The Cootes don't get a lot of screen time and seem a bit dull...but the Mom is a little intense for me...my daughter thought the Mom was a bit competitive with all the instructions at the challenges. But I grew up in the midwest and they seem like all the families I grew up with...family oriented and close. We will continue to watch and have been discussing going on an RV trip to the Grand Canyon.