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Thread: 3/11 Show discussion **Spoilers**

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    Austin just does not look like Danny to me, even less so than Max (I love Max). Maybe if he slicked his hair back and tried to look more the part, but he just looks to pretty boy or something. DH, who hasn't been watching, took one look at Austin and said No Way!

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    Laura was horrible last night--and she's ordinarily my favorite! She seemed totally uncomfortable and faking it. Allie can't act--the use of her arms as she was singing to express feeling was pretty bad. (But I felt bad for her when she tripped down the stairs, too. I think all the girls should get kudos for being able to walk/dance in heels!) Ashley sounded nasal again.

    As for the men, it was sad to see Chad go. He is so darned cute. His weakness is his voice. It doesn't project very far. But in the sing off, it seemed like he got more screams than Austin from the girls in the audience. I am tired of hearing the judges say Chad's "too good looking." No such thing, like you can't be too rich! An actor being too good looking is a good thing. Johnny Depp in his "21 Jump Street" days was as pretty as any actor out there and he's been able to play a wide range of roles...

    Max -- normally like him as well. Thought he looked ridiculous performing that song.

    Derek -- normally don't like him (except looking at him) and I thought he sang the song really well.

    Austin -- I like him. I don't think he sang as well as Derek last night, but I thought he gave the best overall STAGE performance. All that hamming it up looks forced on TV. But that's the kind of performing that works well on stage/theater. I think if he were to be in a movie, he'd have to tone it down a ton. But for the stage, I think he's the perfect Danny.

    However, I think in the popularity contest, Max is going to win. I wouldn't mind if any of them won, so yay. As for the women, the only one I don't want to win is Allie. Laura or Ashley would both be fine.

    So, starting next week, is it the voting who determines who goes? Can the judge still save anyone?
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    Since the judges won't be able to save anyone, then I think that next week will definitely be Allie's last. She received the lowest vote of the Sandys before so I won't be surprised if she is eliminated this coming Sunday.

    Max won't be going anywhere since he's popular so it'll be down to either Derek or Austin being eliminated. I hope it's Derek because I can't stand him at all.

    I'm fine with either Laura or Ashley getting the role of Sandy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogbat;2276301;
    I expect to see Max and Derek standing in the end with Derek winning the role. Max is just not good looking enough, unfortunately
    Max doesn't have to be handsome to be Danny, JT wasnt'. Max is just consistently a much better singer than Derek, Derek messed up twice and he looks a little too old to be Danny. Just noticed last night that Derek has practically no upper lip.

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    Allie, I really like her, voted for her but she didn't seem to sing the song that well, she couldn't interpret the lyrics, put that much feeling into the song.

    Laura......sings very well but her voice isn't that good, it's too high.

    Ashely sang well in the beginning but after listening to her for a while, she's not that good, I thought.

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    Bah - Chad would have been the best choice, arguably. Austin is probably more suited to it, but I think he's turned off a lot of viewers/potential audience. Max is talented, but I can't take him seriously as Danny. He doesn't have the testosterone-fueled sex appeal.
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    Derekís performance last night was much better vocally. Although Derek's vocal inconsistency is a concern for me, his acting is a MUCH bigger concern. He just has not delivered a nuanced emotionally deep performance yet. His performances are boring and just plain forgettable.

    I loved Austinís vocal performance last night (Itís one of my favorite Elvis songs and he does have a lovely baritone) but ONLY if I closed my eyes and listened. For some reason, nothing ever resonates as real with this guy. I could almost buy him as a romantic lead in his duet performance with Laura (but even then it still didnít feel like he was really connected to her). He just forces the performance and it most often comes across as cheesy. He hasnít convinced me that he can deliver needed Danny Zuko humor or swagger! He doe not come across as masculine.

    I know that Max has an uphill battle on the believability factor but for me Max is the only actor that delivers complex interesting performances week after week. He really has an uncanny ability to get to the essence of a song and deliver it in a way that is so connected to the lyrics. He plays genuine and makes the audience believe. I so love this about him. He's convinced me that he can deliver Danny Zuko in ways that neither Derek or Austin have been able to. I think he will bring bravado, humor, and sweetness to Danny. Sigh...as it should be!

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    Peaches'n cream;2276852;, great post. Great observations and well said.

    During the opening group number ... the one that stood out from the others was Max. In that ensemble, Max is the one who looked like he was the leader ... aka Danny.

    I'm sorry to see Chad go ... really sorry, and I was surprised to see him in the bottom 2 again. Judging from this, because now it's solely the audience votes, it's hard to call who will be the last 2 standing. It could very well be Max and Derek but it could also be Max and Austin since Austin was lowest vote getter, people may have voted to save him. I just hope people didn't feel Max was safe and neglected to vote for him ... leaving Austin and Derek standing.

    Of the women, I'm liking Laura best. Allie has the look ... really a pretty girl ... but apparently/obviously not the acting skills. Ashley has declined performance-wise since the beginning, and really looks so tired and used-up all the time which doesn't bode well for the stamina they'll need.

    The right Danny/Sandy combo in my opinion is Max and Laura. Laura may need to lighten her hair a little for contrast but they seem like a good fit.

    Incidentally on the topics of "looks".

    Misty8723 said: Austin just does not look like Danny to me, even less so than Max (I love Max). Maybe if he slicked his hair back and tried to look more the part, but he just looks to pretty boy or something. DH, who hasn't been watching, took one look at Austin and said No Way!
    I agree with Mr. Misty ... but as I've said previously ... the "real" Danny was fair-haired and not of Italian descent, and we're all looking for the Travolta style Danny. I guess Austin could be Northern Italian and/or dye his hair black.

    Dogbat said: Max is just not good looking enough, unfortunately.

    The odds are in favor of Ashley beating Laura based on looks.
    That doesn't compute. Chad is definitely as good looking as Austin ... I think better looking but that's my taste ... and Chad is gone.

    The girls in my opinion are equally attractive in different ways.
    But actually the one who "glows" on stage is Allie. Laura amplifies her good looks and stage presence with great performance skills but Ashley does not and to me looks very "worn".
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    Thought the board might enjoy Playbill's review of last night's show:

    Seth Rudetsky offers his own unique spin on the ninth week of the new NBC reality show, "Grease: You're the One That I Want," which will cast the lead roles of Sandy and Danny in the forthcoming Broadway revival of Grease.
    Greetings from Atlanta! Or, as it's known in the "please visit us" travel industry, Hotlanta. I don't quite get that first syllable switcheroo. Where's the rhyme scheme? Actually, if they wanted a pure rhyme, they should call it Hatlanta and claim that Atlanta is the hat capital of the U.S. They could use Elaine Stritch on the TV commercial. White shirt, black tights, glaring straight at the camera, taking the full 60 seconds to say, "Does anyone….still wear…a hat……….(close up) -lanta." Atlanta Bureau of Tourism? Any takers?

    Anyway, I'm here because I just played piano for Jennifer Hudson at a fundraiser to keep music in schools. Not only did she sound great, but the best news is she didn't go on until 9:45 PM, so I got to watch "You're the One that I Want" in my hotel room from 8-9 and then hightail it to the venue. Okay, this week's episode opened with the song "Grease (Is the Word)" as a group number. The two things of note were that the girls were in shiny spandex reminiscent of my jazzercise outfit from the mid-eighties, and the ending button of the number was Billy Bush opening up a locker that had Denise Van Outen crammed inside. And, I mean literally crammed inside ŗ la "Boxing Helena" The locker only had enough room for a 20-pound lighter Dakota Fanning, not a fully grown woman. I hope NBC is paying for the acupuncture she'll need from the crazy Pilobolus Dance Company contortion she had to be in just to get a smattering of applause.

    The show began with the reveal that Austin and Chad were in the bottom two and the introduction of the special guest judge: Rob Marshall. I was thinking what a great opportunity it was for the contestants to get to perform in front of him. Hopefully, he'll be making another movie musical soon. A Chorus Line, hopefully — the way it actually should have been done, not . . . "Movie Production Meeting 1984": "Let's take 'What I Did For Love' and instead of having the song be about the beauty of art and how that alone is worth it, let's limit its scope as much as possible and make it about Zach and Cassie's love affair. That should ruin it for everyone." It was nice to see Rob and Kathleen Marshall together. But why do they ignore their big sister Penny? Just because her spin-off, "Laverne and…" bombed? Not cool.

    All right, back to the show. This week the girls had to show Sandy's "emotional side," and the boys had to sing Elvis songs. Connection? Relevance? None. Allie sang "Natural Woman," and while I'm constantly lamenting that the keys are too low for everybody, I thought that this key was a little too high for her. Also, for weeks everyone has been forced to use the Sunset Boulevard stairs and finally, this week, Allie tripped, but she continued without missing a beat. Maybe next week they could add an actual obstacle course. Isn't the set from Cats available? I want to see a Sandy-hopeful trip on a tire.

    Derek sang "Devil in Disguise" and sounded fine, but I felt he didn't give enough levels. That song is about contrast ("You walk like an angel" vs. "You're the devil in disguise"), and I wanted him to rock out, physically and vocally, on the funky parts and he didn't. Rob Marshall suggested that they sing the songs in character rather than perform it like a club act, and I agreed. Thinking back, I have often felt like paying for a two-drink minimum after many performances. By the by, I hope the producers of "Passions" or "All My Children" are watching because I'm obsessed with Derek's visage. No matter how close the camera gets, he looks stunning and pore-less.

    Then came Laura who sang "Don't Leave Me This Way," sporting Madonna's "Confessions on a Dance Floor" hairdo. I was very impressed with the fact that she sang "Me-e-e-e-e" as a high note and didn't modify the e vowel . . . and was able to vibrato! I've heard many a Norma Desmond wannabe sing "With one look, I'll be ma-a-a-a-a-a-a-ay!" You'll be what? The month of May?

    Max sang "Suspicious Minds" and, to me, gave the best performance of the evening. His voice always sounds super, and his acting is excellent. He's so great at "acting in the air" as we say in the beeswax (acting during the spaces between lyrics). They showed clips of his fans who are known as "Slacker Backers." Dangerously coming close to copyright infringement with the 1970's "Killing Me Softly With His Song" fan group, "Roberta Flacker Backers" Max and Laura both got praised, and Jim Jacobs said that they started out as the most unconventional Danny and Sandys, noting that people think Sandy always has to be a blonde. Does nobody remember the original Sandy, Carole Demas, who was a brunette? Why is everyone's opinion based on the movie? (Check out youtube to see the originals, Carole and Barry Bostwick, do "Summer Nights" on a PBS special. Listen to Carole's amazing scooping on "met a bo-oy" and Barry's crazy high notes on "She got friendly, down in the sa-a-a-and"!)

    Then there was a salute to Rob Marshall where everybody sang and danced "All That Jazz." The song naturally sits very low in a woman's voice, and they blatantly kept it in the same key when the men soloed down the octave. I haven't heard anything that low since "Hurry Back" in Applause (Lauren Bacall "belts" an A below low C). At least the choreography was really fun and, tip of the hat to Susan in [title of show], very broken doll.

    Finally, the two men in the bottom had to have their sing-off. Billy Bush revealed that Austin had the lowest votes. That's always fun to hear at the downbeat when you're about to sing for your survival. After they sang, Kathleen Marshall said that Danny has to be a triple threat, and they've decided to keep Austin because he is the better overall singer, dancer, actor.

    Next up was Ashley who sang "Set Me Free," and, yet again, she's my favorite. I love her tone and fast vibrato. Austin sang "I Can't Help Falling in Love" and sounded good but did that annoying "American Idol"-style acting where you look into whatever camera is closest to you instead of playing it straight out. I know the contestants aren't supposed to be doing actual theatre performing, but I hate that camera staring because instead of me watching their performance, I'm super aware of them looking in the camera lens, and it takes me totally out of the moment. I haven't seen that much playing to the camera since "Three's Company"'s Norman Fell got in one of his signature zingers about Mrs. Roper.

    At the end, the judges were split about the best Danny, but the unanimous choice for Best Sandy was Laura. Rob got himself off the hook by saying that any of them could play the role. Chad sang his goodbye song ("Sandy"), and that was the end of the final show where the judges have power.

    From now on, "America decides." I love when they say "America," as if the whole country is watching and voting. They should at least be honest and say, "From now on, most of America ignores, while relatives of the contestants, teenage girls and gay men decide." Uh-oh! Only two more weeks 'til the finale . . . then what am I going to have to live for? Oh, "Project Runway" is coming back . . . ahhhhhh.

    [Seth Rudetsky is the host of "Seth's Big Fat Broadway" on SIRIUS Satellite Radio and the author of "The Q Guide to Broadway." For two years Rudetsky was the pianist/assistant conductor for the 1994 revival of Grease!.]

    Playbill News: Is " Grease " the Word?: Week 9 Recap

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    I didn't watch last night and didn't tape it. The show is so consistently boring, and there are so many other programs that conflict with it, that I think I'm done. Chad was one of my favorites, the other being Derek. I didn't care which of those two won and I favor none of the girls (but, kind of like Laura). Austin is too effeminine and smarmy and Max, although strong vocally and a good performer, is just too plain and not sexy enough for Danny.

    But, in my opinion, if the producer wants to attract people to pay to see a live show, he will need to attract the women. Max's looks would never draw a crowd and once the audience saw Austin perform, word of mouth would kill the run of the show. Only Derek and Chad could draw a crowd based on looks and masculine appeal alone. Chad's voice was too weak, but Derek just needs practice and grooming as he has the basics . . and he definitely has sex appeal.

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